Monday, July 22, 2013

4th of July Weekend

We had a pretty busy few days over 4th of July.  York has their fireworks on July 3rd every year, so this year we planned to go with my family and celebrate Katy's birthday which was on the 1st.  Brooks was super excited to go see the fireworks.  We had been talking about fireworks ever since the firework selling tents were put up earlier in the week.  There was even a giant blow up gorilla in front of the tent in the Ace parking lot, and Brooks thought that was really fun.  For about 2 weeks all he could talk about were the gorillas in front of firework tents (we saw a total of 4 gorillas by tents, 3 in York and 1 in Aurora). 
Before the fireworks started, the kids got to just run around and play which was a fun way to pass the evening until it was dark

 Katy opening her presents (actually Lane ended up opening them because Katy didn't like all the attention on her and wouldn't open them!)
 Grandma and Papa came up for the day and got to watch fireworks with us

 Aunt Cody brought glow bracelets and Brooks and Lane enjoyed playing with those.  Brooks also got his stuffed goat back from Grandma Jost (it had lost an ear about a year ago and we brought it to Grandma to fix)  Brooks was so excited to have him back!

 It got a little chilly toward dusk, and both kids were getting pretty tired, but it worked out well to have Grandma there to hold Keely since I ended up having to hold Brooks the whole time!
 As soon as the fireworks started, Brooks crawled up on my lap and held on pretty tight.  He said they were too loud.  Toward the end he had started to enjoy them more, but was not going to let go of me!
Then on the 4th of July, Brooks got to go golfing with Daddy and Papa, while Keely and I went out for lunch with Grandma and a quick trip to Walmart. 
In the evening on 4th of July, we went to my parents' house and played outside and enjoyed a small firework show.
 The kids wouldn't hold the sparklers, so Blake, Laura, Bret and cousin Scott had fun with them! :)

 Brooks and Keely at least watched and enjoyed this part!

 Once the louder fireworks started, Brooks and Keely both were not impressed...they were just too close and very loud! Brooks liked these smaller quiet ones! :)

So after several late nights and busy days, the kids and us were all exhausted.  (We had also spent the whole week potty training Brooks, which also wore us all out, but more on all of that in another post!)  Overall it was a fun holiday weekend, and the kids all survived the firework shows.  The next weekend Henderson had their Community Days and a firework show that Saturday night, and the kids loved it! Maybe at least Brooks will have fond memories of fireworks now and won't be as scared at first next year!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Trip to Smith Center

A few months ago, Blake planned a 'guys weekend' with his high school friends from Smith Center.  His friend and cousin, Kyle, was coming down for a visit so Blake, John, and Nathan all planned to hang out golfing, fishing, and 'camping' (the camping they do now is stay at Blake's Grandad Lambert's hunting lodge instead of in tents...guess it's grown up camping now!).  Anyway, since I am finally feeling better, I decided to come along with Blake and bring the kids.  It turned out to be a pretty busy weekend as Eric and Laurie are now back from Korea and Blake's Uncle Ted and Aunt Eileen were visiting from Minnesota.  So we had a lot of get-togethers for meals.
It was Blake's plan to go golfing Friday night after we got there, but since John was free in the afternoon too, they decided to go for 9 holes in the afternoon.  It was hot, but there was no keeping Brooks from going too!  He even got to 'tee off' this time.

 Later that evening Papa was able to join the boys for the second 9, and I came out for a little bit to take some pictures. 
 I don't think Blake was having the best golfing day...hehe

 Keely and I got to spend some time just hanging out at Grandma's playing with toys
 They fought over the 4 wheeler a little, but at least they could kind of share sometimes
 On Saturday, Blake spent the afternoon/evening with his friends out at the farm pond.  Judy and I came out with the kids before supper so Brooks could go fishing for the first time.  He was so excited!

 Blake bought real worms to bait the hook and Brooks thought that was really cool!
  Learning how to reel in the line...
 They actually hooked a really big fish, but Blake didn't 'set the hook' fast enough because he wasn't expecting it to be so big, so it got away.  It was rather exciting, but we didn't catch anything else.  Sometime when we have more time, we will take him again and hopefully catch something!  He was at least able to see some turtles and frogs swimming around, so that was fun for him!
After fishing, Grandma and I headed back to town with the kids for a BBQ at Blake's Grandpa Lambert's.  The kids had fun riding his golf cart
 and Keely enjoyed her first hamburger!
 And Brooks tried cantaloupe and liked it! He's asking Papa here if he wants some too!
 Keely with Uncle Ted...she's so different than Brooks at this age and will actually sit with people she doesn't know real well. It's so nice!
 And here is just a picture of Brooks with his cousin Henry after church.  We thought they looked similar, at least the same color hair if nothing else!