Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A couple nights ago, Brooks discovered I had a camera on my iPhone.  It can take pictures from either direction, so we started with taking a couple pictures of Blake, but when I switched it so that Brooks could see himself, he thought it was hilarious!  Here are just a few pictures from the 60 picture sequence.

Just plain silliness.  Wish there was audio to go with him because he was giggling so hard!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Although we've had several nice days this January (much to Blake's dismay...we have ice melt to sell!!) we have had to find ways to stay entertained inside.  I have known I wanted to get a play kitchen in our house for Brooks (and for baby girl to someday use!).  I looked at sales over Christmas, but never settled on one.  I didn't want one that was too big or too expensive, but that still had several features (fridge with ice maker, oven, microwave, sink, drawers, storage spaces, etc.)  Finally I decided to just pick one.  I found one on sale and with free shipping from Step 2, so I bought it.  It came the first week in January, and it's been nice to have another 'toy' to play with inside.  Brooks was pretty excited to help Daddy put it together.
 Something goes here dad....
 Brooks had to get out his toy drill to help
 Brooks is screwing on the cabinet door...

One of the first things he did with the kitchen was get ice water...amazing how he knew exactly what the cutout in the fridge was for!
 It came with a boiling pot and frying pan that make different noises when they are on the burner.  Brooks decided he wanted to eat what he was frying :)
 He even likes to 'wash' the dishes in the sink! If only he could do that for real...I'd take the help!

 Brooks got a veggie and fruit cutting toy for Christmas, so he had to cut the cucumber to boil in the pot.

We've had fun playing kitchen about everyday....hopefully we can grow his food collection over time and enjoy it for a long time!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brooks Update

First of all, I apologize for not updating our blog in so long!  I've been busy with getting year end stuff done at Ace, and last week I got hit with the stomach flu pretty bad.  I was sick from Monday evening until Sunday.  Yuck! I finally went into the doctor on Friday and they took my blood and found my potassium levels too low, so I'm on medication for that for 10 days.  They also gave me an IV of fluids since I hadn't been able to keep anything down for 5 days.  Luckily Brooks or Blake never got sick, and I am finally over it and feeling back to normal (as normal as being 24 weeks pregnant can feel!).

Anyway, I've been meaning to do an update on what Brooks has been up to since he hit the 18 month mark.  Sadly, he's almost at the 21 month mark and I am just now getting it done!  I've been writing down a few of the things he's been doing so I won't forget, and here is just a overview of the past few months.

Much to Daddy's enjoyment, Brooks absolutely loves football.  Anytime he sees it on TV or a player or football on a poster or anywhere, he yells out 'football!!!!' then proceeds to say just as loudly, 'TOUCHDOWN!!!'  It's been a lot of fun.  Here's my little Nebraska fan :)

Brooks' other favorite things to watch on TV include Curious George, Sesame Street, and Super Why.  He also loves to watch Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right.  I know he likes Wheel of Fortune because of the letters, but he also loves to watch the wheel spin (same with price is right).

 He loves to hold the case of the video he's watching :)
 And yes, like any toddler, he sits too close.  He's gotten better about sitting on the couch, but here is how I found him one morning watching Sesame Street!

Brooks will pretty much repeat anything and everything you say (sometimes this can be good or bad!) For a couple of months now he has been repeating the alphabet back to us as we say it.  I keep meaning to get it on video because it's so cute! He recognizes every letter of the alphabet and proceeds to yell them out when he sees one somewhere.  About a month ago, he was obsessed with the letter X.  Anywhere he saw one (including the tops of the screws on his slide) he would say, x, x, x, x, until you acknowledged that you saw it to.  Brooks will also repeat numbers up to 19.  He struggles with 4 and 14, but he's getting better with them.  He also loves colors and to point out what color things are (like the wrapping paper at Christmas).  I think his favorite color is blue because that's the one he comments on the most, but green and brown are up there to!

Brooks' favorite toy is still probably the iPod. He loves to play a word spelling game (First Words Deluxe) and will sit and play it just about every morning while he watches Sesame Street and I take a shower and get a few other things done to start the day.  It's also a life saver for trips in the car! He used to do really well playing it during church so that both Blake and I could stay for the whole sermon, but now he doesn't like to play with the sound off, so that hasn't worked the past few Sundays!  While Brooks may play his spelling and book reading apps, he does still really like Angry Birds, Insect Smash, and bowling.  At least they are not all just games that he plays!! And Blake's not much better with the iPad....two peas in a pod if you ask me!

Veggie Tales is still a favorite of Brooks'.  He still goes to bed every night with his Jr. Asparagus.  He doesn't lay there and make it sing to him as much as he used to, but it's still a must have to hug.  These pictures are from when we were painting his room and putting him in the crib was the only way to keep him out of the paint! (We do not allow the iPod in bed otherwise!)

Other toys that Brooks loves to play with include his slide, Thomas trains, and cars.  He got a large car mat with a picture of an Ace store in the middle for Christmas, and he loves driving everything to 'Ace'.  Pretty fun!

Brooks also loves to go to Ace and see Daddy at work just about everyday.  He loves seeing things in the store, especially when all the Christmas stuff was out.  He loves to smell the candle warmer scents and play with paint stir sticks.  Getting to go to the bank to get cookies is still a must when we go to the store.  On Monday we forgot it was MLK day and Blake walked Brooks over to the bank to find it was closed.  Brooks was soooo sad.  I've never seen him act genuinely sad over something like that!  He'll usually get mad and throw a tantrum or something, but this time he just sat quietly on Daddy's lap in his office and didn't say anything with a blank sad stare on his face.  Luckily they were open the next day and everything was better!

Brooks still struggles with nap time too.  If he goes to his crib, I'm lucky to get 30 min out of him.  Since I have been so tired lately with being pregnant, I've gotten him into the habit of sleeping on one side of the couch while I sleep on the other.  I can get him to sleep for 1 1/2 to 2 hours this way.  He loves it, but I know it can't last forever this way!  He also must have his blue blanket and Ace bear for nap.  (Ace bear is a bear we got at the last Ace show...he wears a red Ace cute!)

 Brooks is still a really picky eater, and has a very limited menu that he will eat.  He loves rice mixed with peas and carrots and shredded cheese on top, chicken nuggets or fingers with fries, green beans, corn, bread (plain, no butter or jam), peaches, pears, apples, oranges, grapes, cucumbers, bananas (sometimes), yogurt, nutrigrain bars, pop tarts, bunny graham crackers, goldfish, veggie straws, and certain cookies.  Seriously, that is about his entire range of food.  Hopefully this gets better sooner than later, but at least for the most part his love of fruits and vegetables is not a problem!
At least he's willing to share :)
As much as Brooks is still a mama's boy, he has started to really get excited when Daddy comes home.  It's been fun to see their relationship grow and get stronger.  Hopefully this means Brooks will adjust well to less mommy when the new baby comes, but we're still a little worried he'll be in pretty serious shock!
 Snuggle time with Daddy and his blanket has become a favorite :)
Brooks does still love his mommy and prefers me at bedtime and in situations he's unsure about, but there have just been few pictures of the two of us! Mostly because I'm the one behind the camera!

One of Brooks' favorite new books is the voice recorded Charlie Brown Christmas book Blake's parents got him for Christmas.  It has voice recordings from his Great Grandparents on the Lambert and Burgess side, as well as Grandma and Papa.  He loves when the kids all sing at the end!  Brooks loves to get under Daddy's blanket with him to read.  So cute!

Well I've rambled on long enough about what Brooks has been up to, and hopefully it won't take me so long next time!  Here's our little goof...he's been such a joy to see grow up and change so much in the past 6 months!