Monday, January 18, 2010

A few more from the Blizzard

I had to put 3 more pictures up of the Blizzard. The first 2 here are of the inside of the garage. But as you can see how hard it blew outside. There were drifts inside the closed garage door. Anywhere snow could get in it did. Bret and I went out with anemometer (it measures wind speed) that Mark had and the wind was blowing constantly at 32 with gusts up two 45 and it did that for 3 days.
The last picture is for Jane. I am sure she is disappointed I haven't put any pictures up of Chile. Now this dog is made for the snow and the cold. I don't think she was fazed at all by the weather. Either she is made for it or stupid. But the other two dogs were cold.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My other Baby

So for work, my Boss Doug told me that if I raised our sales at the store 10% from August to December that he would give me a big green egg and I did . This is a Big Green Egg. It's a ceramic charcoal grill/smoker/brick oven. I have been using the one at the store for the past year. I have smoked pork and briskets, cooked pizza, cookies cinnamon roles. Cooked burgers and steaks. It's a very versatile thing. It also has a huge following of people that love them. Just Google big green egg sometime and you will see. I got mine put together and got to cook on it for the first time the other night. One of the great things about it is that very efficient with it's heat. You are able to cook outside 0 degrees and fill it up with charcoal and cook 18 hrs on it at 225. Or you can get it up to 700 and throw some steaks on it and sear them. Which is what I did.

It uses natural lump charcoal and not briquettes. Lump burns hotter and has less ash and no binders like the briquettes.
Here is the finished steak. 2 min on each side ant 650. Then shut down the air vents and let it set for about 4 min. GOOD Steak

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blizzard part 3

These first 2 are pics of Casey and Denali and Scratch. You can't see it in the first but the dogs are standing on top of the outhouse. Which is like 7 or 8 feet tall.

Bret and I on the outhouse
Denali and Scratch running up the big drift in the back. Nali was waiting for Scratchy to make it up but Scratch was alittle fat so I had to go down and push her up then Denali ran up.

Christmas blizzard part 2

We made it to the farm but got snowed in for 3 days. These pics are from the day after Christmas.
The Dog fence below me there is at least a 6 foot fence. You can also see the window to the garage there. The next two are of the drift I got them put on backwards here and I am to dumb to figure it out. But the first one is me falling off the edge got alittle to close and Chilie fell after me. The next is what the drift looked like before I fell.

This is Bret and I chilling outside at the table. Wishing we had a cold drink.

The Christmas blizzard Part 1

We had to drive to Nebraska for Christmas. It turns out it snowed and iced on the way there. On the way were heard that the winter storm warning had been lifted and Casey and I were like yessss. Then they said it has been changed to a blizzard warning. We were in Council Bluffs at the time. Another 2 hrs to go. These pic Casey took in Iowa while it was light out. Mostly ice until Omaha. Outside of Omaha it turned to snow and blowing snow. Outside of Lincoln it was blowing and snowing so hard there were several miles that I had drive from dash to dash down the middle of I-80. It was fun. The picture of Denali is her in the back of the truck. We had to make room for her, we were going to put her in the dog carrier in the bed. But, the night before I had a dream of us crashing and denali flying out and Casey and I being ok but Denali was dead so we didn't want that. Oh yeah and it was really cold and snowing out. So she was crammed behind Casey's seat.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some of my best pics I took

This one is take on timer on the camera that I set up. We are on the fishing bridge in Yellowstone. It really is a great picture of all of us.
This one here is of irrigation pipe I took one day outside of Sterling, KS. The light on them is great and the lines they have make this pic.
This one is of me I took on a timer. It took it on the tracks in SC. The shadow from me down the rail is great.
I took this one of Nathan, John & Kyle in Montana. That would be the lake we slept at and we were in this huge valley. Which if you see the next pic you will see that whole valley.
This one is actually 3 together. I took 3 on my old film camera then hooked them together on the computer. In the regular pictures you could see the lakes we fished at. I really like this one.
Here are a few more shots. The 2nd one he has hand up to his head. Wipe the sweat off his brow I suppose. It gets hot in the oven.
This other one below he looks like he has a little chin hair. A baby goatee maybe. If it's true then he has more facial hair than Luke could grow. Not that that is saying alot. Sorry brother

Baby Boy

This is a picture of his feet from the bottom. The Good news is he has enough toes I would sure hate for him to be missing his big toes. He would fall down alot.
This one is a straight on view of him. It looks funny because he was holding his arms in front of his face. So, they had to take the sonogram through his arms. The white on the face is his nasal bones. I think it makes him look like some kind of alien or a killer from a horror movie. I guess we will see when he come out.
There is my boys man hood. I can't wait to show this pic to his wife on their wedding night. I'm just kidding. I will probably show it to her earlier than that.
Side view of our boy. The pic isn't real good because it was the one I took around showing people so it got a little wrinkly.

To blog or not to blog

I have been pressured from several people to "get a blog so we can see the baby." Well good news and bad I have made the blog but you can't see the baby yet. Sorry I will try to figure this thing out and post some pics on here as well. B