Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since it was well into the 100s today, Cody and I decided it would be a perfect day to go check out the splash park in Aurora.  I wasn't sure if Brooks would be real into it or not...he loves playing in water at bath time, but he can get rather shy about new situations.  Well, he LOVED it! It was so fun to watch him play in the water!  It was definitely a great fun way to spend a miserably hot day!
He wasn't too sure at first...

But it didn't take long and he was all in!

 Then it was snack time!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip

Last week Brooks and I made a trip down to Buhler, KS with my mom, sister, and her kids to see my grandparents.  It was a short trip, but it was fun to see family and let Brooks play with his cousins.  Brooks is still not impressed with the idea of playing with other kids, but by the end of the trip, he was tolerating it all pretty well.  He even let my great uncle Frank hold him the morning before we left! Here is a picture of Brooks, Katy, and Uncle Frank.
Brooks also has become a hungry little boy.  It seems he is always snacking on something!  He also knows that most of his snacks come from cardboard boxes.  Here he is showing Great Grandpa Reimer a box of graham crackers. 

 I think he walked away because Grandpa didn't give him one! :)
The first morning, Katy was inside taking a nap, so Brooks and Lane got some boy time outside.  They both liked the rocks, but I think they enjoyed playing in the dirt the best!

The balloons the kids got at Chile's were a big hit.  Brooks loved his!

Brooks did have a hard time with Katy invading his personal space.  Sometimes it just took her sitting beside him and he'd get upset.  In these pictures he had a reason since she snatched up his goat, but he'll have to learn to share.  And sorry the picture is fuzzy, but I think it explains it well!

Brooks is learning though, and he did actually play with both Lane and Katelyn sometimes without crying.  He just needs to learn to share and stand up for himself!

In all it was a fun couple of days, and we all enjoyed seeing Grandma and Grandpa again!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family and Growing Up

This past weekend we celebrated Blake's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in Smith Center.  It was a fun time seeing cousins and reminiscing about old times.  Brooks had a fun weekend and acted more and more like a toddler than a baby.  All he wanted to do was walk around and be on the move!  Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Each generation had a different colored shirt to wear.

Just the Burgess clan and grandma and grandad
Grandma with her great granddaughter, Kansas.  Grandma looks thrilled!
Brooks was so tired by Saturday late afternoon, he had to take a nap with Dad.
Playing with the goldfish
 The three youngest great-grandchildren
Brooks loved the play four wheeler.  I think he was trying to show Kansas how to work the buttons!
Brooks also loved hanging out with his Papa. 
Brooks was a big boy and got to sit in his own little chair when we were out at the old farm for Saturday noon.  He looks so cute and grownup!

He also got to experience corn on the cob for the first time.  Like a true Nebraska boy, he loved it!

And just another picture of Brooks growing up.  On Monday when we got home, he wanted to feed himself his yogurt at lunch.  So cute :)  And Brooks starting to feed himself is one more reason we need to get rid of the carpet in the dining room!!