Sunday, January 5, 2014

Merry Christmas!

For Christmas this year, we tried to keep it pretty low key considering we were all tired from getting over colds, having a newborn in the house, and busy times at ACE.  We had our little family Christmas on Friday the 20th.  After Blake and I showered and got everyone ready for the day, we opened presents.  Brooks was super excited for 'present day' as we had talked about opening gifts on Friday all week.  We tried to get a picture with both older kids smiling under the tree, this was the best we got!
 And one with Barrett too
 Barrett did well while we all opened gifts.  He pretty much just sat in his rocker seat the whole time! 

 Brooks got a cash register and was pretty excited about it.  Both him and Keely have liked playing with it.
 The kids with their stockings...not quite the picture I was looking for, but they were too excited to take a better picture!
 Both kids also got shopping carts from Blake and I.  They have loved pushing them around the house and pretend to shop for things all the time.  Keely has to have her puppy in the cart with her when she plays...and it has to be a certain way.  She is so particular about some things!
 My attempt at a picture with Barrett under the tree...

 On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents' church service in Henderson and then went to their house to play a few games with Brooks' new UNO cards.  I don't have a picture of us playing, but we had a lot of fun.  Brooks will definitely be our game player as we play UNO with him pretty much daily! Since it was going to be a fairly late evening to get the kids home and to bed on time after playing a few games, we put them to sleep at Grandma's before Blake and I left with Barrett.  Brooks was excited to sleep over, and they even slept in!
Here is Grandpa reading to Brooks before bed.
The next morning we got back to Grandma's around 9, and we opened presents about 10.  The 4 older kids were pretty excited!
 Grandpa helping Keely open one of her favorite gifts she received.  A baby stroller! (or should I say stuffed animal stroller!)
 Brooks got a KU hat!
 Keely already pushing her puppy in the stroller before we were even done opening gifts.
 Keely opening a book she received about Snoopy.  Think she was a little excited?!
 Playing in wrapping paper is always lots of fun!

 Barrett did pretty well the whole Christmas day...I did have to hold him while we opened gifts, so Brooks and Keely got to open all of mine for me this year.
 The 4 older cousins are getting good at eating at their own might get a little cramped here in a year or so when Scarlett and Barrett start joining them!
 This is how Barrett was most of the was nice and relaxing while most of the kids had their afternoon naps! 
 Brooks got several games for Christmas, including Zingo, UNO, and picture dominos that he is playing with Aunt Laura here:
 Finally, Merry Christmas from sister got a new lens for her camera, so she was playing around with it and got this good picture of Barrett with his eyes open!