Thursday, May 8, 2014


I know I am really behind on posting what has been happening around here, especially since so much has been happening! We just got back from Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show late last night, and I will hopefully write up a post about that really soon! First I wanted to be sure to get up some pictures from Easter this year.  Since Blake had to work on that Saturday, we stayed around home this year.  On Friday Blake and I had gone shopping in Lincoln with only Barrett to find us both something to wear to the Young Retailer of the Year banquet in Vegas.  The older two kids stayed with grandma, and when I went to pick them up late afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs with the cousins before we left.

 Keely did better than I thought she would for awhile, then I think right after this picture, the blue green dye she was using spilled all over herself and the floor.  I thought for sure it would stain, but it all came out of her clothes just fine...even the white shirt!
 When we got home, we had been 'egged' by our good friends, Danielle, Austin, and their daughter Bria.  The kids had so much fun searching for the 12 eggs in our front yard. 

 As you can see in the sign, Egged, means that someone comes to your yard while you are gone and hides eggs to find with Bible verses in each one except for one.  The one egg is empty to remind us of Jesus' empty tomb.  It was such a neat idea and I think this year talking about Jesus and the empty tomb and the real reason we celebrate Easter started to sink in with Brooks. 
 Here are the kids enjoying their candy and finding the Bible verses. 
 On Sunday we went to my parents' church in Henderson then out to their house for dinner, playing outside, and an Easter egg hunt.  My nice camera ran out of batteries right away, so I didn't get any good pictures of the Easter egg hunt.  I used my mom's camera, so I will get them eventually, but didn't want to wait any longer to get them up on the blog.  Thank goodness the weather ended up being really nice most of the day.  Lane and Brooks had a blast playing together.  It's so good to finally see Brooks excited to play with other kids (not just mom and dad and other adults).  Here they are playing football.
 All the kids checking out their Easter baskets after the hunt.  They all had so much fun.