Monday, October 31, 2011


Here's another update of what's been happening at the Burgess house the past couple weeks.  I've had a couple of doctor's appointments, and everything with baby #2 seems to be coming along just fine.  I'm still felling sick and really tired most days, but it is getting better than it was, so that's an answer to prayer!  Brooks has been good somedays and difficult others, but I'm pretty sure it's just something every toddler goes through!

A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend in Denver at the Ace Hardware Show.  Blake, Brooks and I drove out there Thursday and stayed until Monday.  We drove out to Estes Park Thursday afternoon just to get into the mountains some.  It was a pretty drive, but all of us were still trying to get over the colds we'd had all week (and bad nausea for me on top of that!) so we didn't stay real long.  We just wanted to get to our hotel and sleep! The next day Blake had training all day, so Brooks and I ventured out to the aquarium in downtown Denver.  Brooks loves fish!  I was a little disappointed at how little time it took us to go through the whole place, but Brooks still enjoyed it!

Grandma and Papa Burgess joined us at the Ace Show on Saturday so that I wouldn't have to continually be in charge of Brooks.  It was nice to have the help since Brooks was pretty fussy the entire trip! He was terrible at meals and screamed at the food we tried to give him (even stuff he normally loves!).  Oh well, we made it through and decided this might be the last Ace Show he goes to for a while!  He really did enjoy walking around the show floor though, and all the vendors loved giving him things!

 He had fun playing with Grandma and Papa too!  Luke, Kit and their kids were able to join us Saturday afternoon as well.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of all of them there with us, but it was fun to see them.
Brooks was so proud of his Ace badge and has since insisted on wearing it here at home too!  He also points at every ACE symbol he sees and says, "Ace".  He's getting really good at it! :)
He liked to 'help' daddy look at all the things we could carry in our store

Overall it was fun to get away, just very tiring with an 18 month old and not feeling well myself!  We spent a lot of time in the evenings in the hotel room, so we had to come up with things to do....Brooks loved the 'throwing crunched up newspaper' game :)

He also spent a lot of time with his ipod, but at least it kept him happy and entertained in the boring room and the long drive home!
On another note, we have all been enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  We have a ton of leaves in our backyard, and Brooks loves to run through them and crunch them under his feet. (I don't think Blake likes raking them up, but there's no getting around it!)

We've also enjoyed going out to the farm to watch some of the harvest and hang out.  Brooks has gotten to ride in the combine a few times, and loves it!
That's about all for now, we are planning on going trick or treating tonight with Brooks as a lion.  I'll hopefully get some pictures of that!  He doesn't really like the costume, but he looks so cute!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's Going On?

The answer to that question is, well, a lot! The past month and a half have been pretty busy for us, but there are 2 main reasons I haven't been blogging.  The first being that I have not felt good at all the past 6 weeks.  Yes, for those of you who haven't heard, Baby #2 is on it's way.  We haven't had our first ultrasound yet, that comes on Tuesday, but as far as we know right now, the due date will be somewhere around May 7.  Besides being due almost exactly when Brooks was (he was May 9), this pregnancy has gone pretty much the same in all other aspects too.  I am sick almost all the time, but worse in the late afternoons and evenings, NOTHING ever sounds good to eat, and so far the prescription medication for nausea is only kind of working.  I'm hoping the nausea won't last as long as it did with Brooks, but so far it seems that it will! So maybe the end of November I'll feel good again!  We are so excited for #2 to come, and I'll post more updates after our ultrasound...right now I just want to feel better and get energy back!

The second reason I haven't been blogging is that Brooks went through a 4 week phase where he decided he only needed a 30 min nap everyday...yikes!! So between trying to get Ace work done and getting some much needed downtime without Brooks climbing all over me, there wasn't any time to blog!  So here are some pictures from the last several weeks to get everyone updated on what's been going on.

Labor Day weekend we went to the State Fair.  It was the last couple days I felt normal still because the nausea hit on that Monday...ugh!  Brooks had fun seeing the animals at the petting zoo.

He cried when we wouldn't let him get in the hot tub...the boy loves his bath time!
It was still a little warm out that day, so after his nap, all he wanted to do was hold my cup of cherry limeade...there was just ice left in it so he couldn't really drink out of it, but I think he just wanted to cool off by holding it!
The next weekend we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha with my parents and my sister's family.  Brooks had fun looking at the animals and playing with his cousin Lane. 

Brooks really loved the aquarium part of the day...the fish were pretty fun to watch!

I think he was mesmerized by the tunnel aquarium part where the fish were over his head and all around!
A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Smith Center for Old Settlers Day.  Brooks enjoyed the parade, but mostly because he got his first real taste of candy! I actually think all he wanted to do was dig through his bucket of candy instead of watching the actual parade!

When I went to a consignment sale a couple of weeks ago, I found a used Junior Asparagus that sang a song when you pressed his mouth.  Since Brooks loves Veggie Tales, for just $2 I had to grab it.  We let him take it to bed with him, and he probably plays it for  about 15 min before he finally falls asleep every night and probably off and on for 20 min or so in the morning while he's slowly waking up.  Turns out it eats batteries like crazy and we've had to change them twice now in about a 3 week time frame.  I'm gonna have to switch to chargeable batteries or something because this special cheap bedtime toy could get expensive!  Here Brooks is helping Daddy 'fix' Junior before bedtime. 
 I don't know why they both had to have their mouths open...funny! :)
Last week Brooks also had his first real accident.  He scraped his face on a small lava rock in our backyard.  He has recently discovered that spinning in circles makes him dizzy and that it is kinda fun to do.  He was doing that in our backyard, and like usual, he gently fell to his knees once he got dizzy.  Thinking he was ok, he stood up maybe just a little too quick and was still dizzy and stumbled off the sidewalk right into the only rock in the area.  He cried a little, but was actually tougher about it than I thought he'd be!  I think he was kind of proud of it...and it looked kinda cool since it was almost shaped in a Z!

Well that's about all for now, and I'll try and update more often now that Brooks has returned to 1 hr 30 min to 2 hr naps everyday!