Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Summer Fun

Here are just a few more pictures of what we've been up to this summer.
Playing with the splash table has been fun for both Brooks and Keely

 Brooks decided to 'bob for the penguin'
 Got it!!
 Keely and her 2 tooth grin...she is now finally cutting 3 top teeth (maybe 4) so this smile will change real soon!
 We went to help out at my sister's garage sale a few weeks ago.  Brooks really enjoyed running around playing with Lane and Katy.  All three of them even went over to Great Grandma Jost's house for about an hour and a half and played with her toys.  Apparently they all had a really good time together! Keely got to play a little with Scarlett
 and take a nap on Grandma's lap
 and eat most of my pizza!
 Playing in a bucket of water and of our favorite summer toys, but Keely can't seem to understand not to put the rocks in her mouth! Very frustrating for me!
 But she's just too cute!
 Here are some pictures of Brooks and his big blowup bowling pins!

 Keely likes them too, and much to Brooks' annoyance, she knocks them down a lot.  Even with a car!

 We have played out in our little pool once and Brooks thought it was so much fun!

Keely was not impressed with the cold water, but played for a little bit
She was more interested in the hose!
And finally, we brought out Brooks' little tiger chair, and Keely has loved having a place to sit in our living room.  It also satisfies her need for climbing on something!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keely's first Zoo Trip

This past Sunday we decided last minute to do something fun with the kids since Blake had the day off.  We thought taking a quick trip to the Lincoln Children's Zoo and going out to eat afterwards sounded not too tiring but still fun.  I hadn't been to the Lincoln Zoo since I was probably in 1st or 2nd grade, but Brooks had gotten to go last summer with Grandma and Papa.  We got there about 10:30 and we were pretty much done by noon, so it was actually just perfect for the kids' attention spans and wasn't too exhausting for anyone! (We really didn't want to wear ourselves out on a day that was supposed to be a relaxing day off!) Brooks was really excited to see the penguins again, and we thought Keely would probably enjoy it too since she loves animals. 
Brooks remembered the peacocks from the last time and he was still not impressed.  He's not a fan of them walking freely around, so Blake usually had to hold him if we saw one.
 Seeing the reindeer...
 I don't think Keely knew what to expect when we first got there, and was much more interested in her snack than anything else.
 Looking at the peacock again...I think this is where it pooped right in front of Blake and seems to be the story Brooks tells when we talk to people about what we did at the zoo.  Brooks will say, "we saw peacocks...and it pooped!!"
 Keely is starting to understand what we are doing and getting excited about the animals too...and her snack! :)
 The naked mole gross but entertaining for the kids to watch!
 Brooks liked the Meerkats (sp?) and thought they were cute 
 When we got to the little petting zoo part with the goats, Keely really started to have a great time.  She loved the goats!

 We couldn't keep her in the stroller any longer!

 Brooks said he liked the cows better...I think here he is saying, "moo, moo"
 We couldn't get him to touch the turtle they had out, or the snake, but oh well, I don't blame him!
 Brooks and I were both excited for the butterfly house.  I was a little disappointed because we only saw like 3 butterflies in the whole place! Not exactly what we were expecting! Oh well, Brooks still said he liked it!

Brooks had remembered the penguins from when he went with Grandma and Papa and was excited to see them again! He loved it when they jumped in the water and would swim for awhile.  And yes, to add to the poop stories, one pooped right in front of us.  Pretty memorable I guess for a 3 year old boy!
 And finally, the lemurs were fun to watch too, but we were getting close to the end at this point and I think we were all getting hungry so we didn't stay too long to watch.  
After the zoo, we went to Red Robin to eat and made a quick trip to Scheels.  Keely got a new water bottle that is like Brooks' Camelback she is always stealing, so she was happy! Brooks got a new real golf putter, so he was really excited about that! Probably just as much as spending the morning at the zoo!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Golfing with Dad

Brooks has really enjoyed watching golf on tv this spring/summer.  He loves watching the players hit the ball in the holes.  We have a plastic golf set downstairs that Brooks has loved playing with.  A few times Blake brought out some real golf clubs and balls when we are outside and we let Brooks try and hit the balls in the grass.  Brooks has been talking about going golfing himself for quite sometime, so finally this past Tuesday night, Blake decided to take Brooks to the Henderson course.  We weren't sure he would stay entertained the whole 9 holes and thought maybe he would get bored after awhile.  Were we ever wrong! Brooks had so much fun and got super sad when Blake said it was the last hole.  It helped that a b t every hole, Blake let Brooks hit a real golf ball into the hole with his little plastic putter.  Brooks was in heaven.  He loved every minute of it!

 He made it!
 Jumping up and down cheering that he made it in the hole!

 Brooks really liked going with Daddy, but I'm not sure he thinks Blake is a very good golfer.  After the first couple of shots, Brooks told Blake, "Daddy, you are gonna have do better than that!" Blake said they were actually decent shots, but Brooks just thinks that every shot should go into the hole! 

On Friday, Blake played in a golf tournament for the Living Water Rescue Mission here in York.  His friend John came up from Kansas to play with Blake and a couple of others from our church.  When Blake and John left the house that morning, Brooks was so sad that he couldn't go along this time.  So on Saturday morning, Blake thought it would be fun for Brooks to go golfing again, so he and John took Brooks with them to Henderson to play.  This time they did 18 holes, and Brooks had just as much fun as he did the first time!
 He even got to take the flag out of the hole

I think we may have a golfer on our hands...but I don't think Blake will mind if this becomes their father/son time!  Brooks has since said that "Daddy is a good golfer, but Brooks is a REALLY good golfer!"