Wednesday, March 9, 2011


And now a happier post as I promised.  A little over a week ago, my brother, Bret and his girlfriend, Laura got married.  It was a fun wedding that went smoothly as far as I could tell!  Here are a few pictures from the event..
My sister's boy, Lane, was the ring bearer and I think he had a lot of fun being in all the pictures.  Whenever someone tells him to smile, he opens his mouth as wide as he can thinking he's smiling.  It was pretty cute!
Blake was an usher, so we had to be there early afternoon for pictures, but Brooks did fabulously even with having just a 15 min nap on the way from our place to the church.  He was happy most of the time!
My sister and I spent a lot of time before the wedding in the nursery with the kids, and Brooks enjoyed the 'new' toys. (even though he looks like he's frowning in the pic)
The only meltdown we had was when his cousin Katelyn grabbed his ear during a photo shoot.  That girl just can't keep her hands to herself!

Brooks was really tired by the time the reception started and fell asleep in Blake's arms for about 30 min, but overall he did so good for such a long day!

It was a fun wedding, and congrats to Bret and Laura!

And I just have to post this picture of Brooks and my mom at the rehearsal supper...Brooks loves to laugh!

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