Thursday, April 21, 2011


Brooks has been growing up so much these past few weeks that I thought I'd better share some of the latest things he's been doing. 
Brooks still LOVES to play with laundry and pull it out while I'm folding it.  At least it's an easy way to keep him entertained and get some work done at the same time!

One day he was playing with the laundry by our couch while I was doing something in the kitchen.  I could tell he was having a good time, but all I could see was his head pop up from behind the ottoman every now and then.  When I went over to pick up the mess of clothes, this is what I found:

Somehow he had pulled his own pants off in the process of emptying the laundry basket.  I just thought he looked so silly pantless! :)
The pants must have just been too big for him or something, because later in the same day he was over in the same corner of the couch playing with his books, and once again I found a bare legged little boy just having a blast!

Brooks has also started eating a few more foods.  I still struggle with getting him to feed himself small pieces of fruit, bread, or even Cherrios, but we're working on it.  He still loves to just eat puffs and his baby food.  At least I can get him to eat just about any baby food from a jar, but he shows no interest in feeding himself, just wants mommy to do it!  And he also loves vanilla yogurt...he'd probably eat the whole container if I let him!

Here is Brooks enjoying an afternoon snack of Kix...he likes them best if I put them in a big bowl and he can play with them while he eats.  A few do eventually reach his mouth.

Brooks also still loves playing with his Daddy.  He gets pretty excited when Blake comes home from work.  His latest thing is head butting.  He'll crawl up to Blake, run into him with his head, the crawl away laughing.  He also loves it if Blake head butts him in the side and knocks him over when he's crawling.  He just thinks it's hilarious! I don't have any pictures of him doing just that, but any play time with dad is fun!

Brooks is still clapping when he's excited.  He loved the balloon we brought home with us from Red Robin.
Brooks is also jabbering a lot these days.  He is forming new words/sounds all the time.  He has started sort of saying 'duck' 'dog' and 'cat' besides the normal mama and dada.  We just got a new puppy this past weekend, and he says a form of 'dog' every time he sees her.  Cheyenne has been a good dog so far for us, and I'll post more on her later when I get some better pics of her uploaded to our computer. 

Brooks has also started carrying toys around in his mouth while he cruising along furniture.  We caught him the other night with the football, and he just looked so goofy we had to get some photos!

So in time for his first birthday in a couple weeks, Brooks is acting more and more like a toddler than a baby.  It's so fun watching him grow up, learn new things, and enjoy life.  We're so blessed to have such a happy and healthy little boy.


Laurie said...

Oh, love, love, love! Especially the last pic with you in it!

The Burgess family said...

Ha ha! I had to laugh, because Jesse was the same way about learning to chew foods and/or feed himself. The girls were completely opposite about being independent this way. But Jesse was like, "eh, chewing is too much work. You just feed me, mom!" :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. How he has changed!