Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Cookies

I know I'm a little late on posting these, but before Thanksgiving, we got together with Lane and Katy and decorated Thanksgiving sugar cookies.  We are not sure we will have the time to do Christmas cookies together, so we just did them early this year!
Brooks helped me roll out the cookies and cut them out the day before.  He was so focused! I think his shirt was just as messy with flour as mine was by the end of it all!

 Mom came to help us get them frosted
 Katy mostly ate the frosting and sprinkles!
 Brooks did such a good job with the sprinkles, and loved the turkey shapes the best! And you can see Keely in the background of this picture...she just isn't quite old enough to join in the fun..maybe next year!

 Brooks really loved eating the chocolate sprinkles, but still wouldn't try an actual cookie

 Lane was proud of his....
 I took the time to make a few of them with different frostings and piping
 They looked better in my head, but they weren't too bad!
 Brooks was pretty proud of the finished products!

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