Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gingerbread House

I know I haven't posted on the blog in a really long time, but we have just been busy with Christmas and being sick that I haven't had the time to upload pictures to the computer, let alone actually blog about them!
Before Christmas and before everyone got sick, Brooks and I put together a gingerbread house.  He loved it! And I enjoyed it too :)
We started with the tree and gingerbread man (or ginger snowman as Brooks called him) while we waited for the house to set up.
 He was very meticulous on putting the candies on.  He wanted to follow the picture on the box with some things, but mostly just stuck candies on wherever I put frosting!

 Keely got to just sit and watch in her high chair...and drool...she is still yet to actually cut a tooth even though everyday I think it's going to be the day! They are getting so close!
 When we were all done Brooks thought he needed to sing to the gingerbread was mostly gibberish but I did hear a few 'Christmases' and 'gingerbreads' in the middle of it all!
 He was so proud of it! He really did put on about 95% of the candies while I put on was fun for both of us!

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Kit Burgess said...

Looks really good! better than ours did, ha ha :) Casey you are so good about doing stuff like this with Brooks. I like to read about it on your blog, and I enjoyed watching you and him work together in the kitchen at Judy's house at Christmas too. What great memories you are building for you and your kids :)