Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Life

 Nothing really out of the ordinary has been happening around our house, but Keely has been changing a lot the past couple weeks.  She is moving all over the place now.  She was army crawling for a couple weeks until last week when she finally really started crawling on her knees.  Now there is no stopping her! She actually started consistently crawling on her knees January 30, which is one day before Brooks did when he was her age! She just had to beat her big brother!

 Brooks loves to 'fall down' in flash cards.  He runs and slides on his knees and slides across the floor on the cards.  Yes, it ruins the cards, but he has so much fun!
Brooks also really loves Popsicles right now.  After he got some when he had a sore throat, he continues to want them!
Keely has started to pull up on everything...I think she will be walking before Brooks did at this age, but we'll wait and see!
 She gets into EVERYTHING! including my bag of potatoes...yuck! after I took a quick picture I took the dirty, unwashed potato away from her!
 She gets everywhere....
 Brooks loves to paint with the paints we got him from Christmas
 And Brooks still loves to play games....especially ones with dice!

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