Thursday, September 26, 2013

Even though these pictures are a month old now, I still wanted to put them up on the blog! In August when we had a heat wave come through it finally felt hot enough to want to go swimming.  I didn't attempt going to the pool very often with the kids this year (ok, just once and that was with Blake along) because handling 2 kids who didn't know how to swim and being pregnant at the same time did not sound fun! Luckily our friend, Danielle, offered for us to go swimming sometime at her parent's backyard pool in Lincoln.  We could never find a weekend that would work out, so we decided to go during the week without husbands along.  It worked out really well, and both Brooks and Keely had fun! Brooks was very timid as he always is around pools, but he did let me take him off the steps and work on kicking feet and floating a little.  He even let Danielle's mom (who has taught swimming lessons for years) take him out a little too.  We will get him used to it yet! Keely did good in an intertube floatie, but she liked being just held onto much better!

Brooks spent most of his time on the steps, but it was at least a good step area for him to do that!

Here are Brooks and Keely with Danielle's little girl, Bria.  Keely and her are about 7 months apart in age.
 Keely liked snack time...I think she was getting really tired by this point!

 I think Brooks had just as much fun playing with buckets of water on the side of the pool as he did in the pool!
The three kids all done swimming and drying off.  It was a fun afternoon and hopefully we can do it again next year!

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