Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A different holiday routine

This holiday season is a little different than we are used to.  Having a newborn has really changed things this year.  We tend to stay home and indoors a lot more than we are used to! Blake and I won't be taking a Christmas shopping trip to Lincoln or Omaha, (sad for me as I love Christmas shopping!) we haven't drove around looking at lights much this year, our house is minimally decorated, and we haven't played in the snow at all yet.  (we did take one evening last week and went out to eat at Runza, (Brooks' choice) and looked at a few lights, but that's about it!) However, we are enjoying our little addition to the family! He has been a great baby!  He does a pretty good job sleeping at night (usually 3 hour chunks of sleep) and is starting to have more and more times he is awake and just watching his surroundings.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of things we've been up to.
Brooks helped my mom and I make all the Christmas goodies for the ACE open house a couple weeks ago.  We made probably close to 500 cookies and treats, and there were quite a few left over! oh well, we will know not to make so much next year!
Brooks did a great job unwrapping all the hershey kisses and putting them on the pretzels.
 Keely loves playing with puzzles

 Barrett has still been sleeping pretty good for naps.  He can sleep through most of the chaos from the other kids! Time will tell how long that will last!
 Keely is obsessed with Barrett.  Sometimes it causes problems when she wants to touch his face and rock him in his seat or put his pacifier in his mouth when he's already asleep.  She gets super mad when we tell her to leave him alone.  Hopefully she will grow out of this phase quickly! We are lucky Barrett is such an easy going baby!

 To keep up with tradition, we did attempt another gingerbread house this year.  Brooks was super excited to do one again.  It didn't go as smoothly this year since Keely got to help and threw a fit that I didn't let her eat all the gummy candies, but we still managed to get the house completely decorated! 

 Brooks wanted it to look as much like the picture on the box as possible.  I think he did a pretty good job with a little help from me!
 Barrett also got his first tub bath! He did a great job and didn't cry at all! Hope that continues too!
 Lastly, I love pictures of babies wrapped in a towel after their bath.  Too cute!

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