Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Birthday x3!

I seem to be about a month behind on all my posts.  I really will try and get up to date in the next few weeks! I have lots of pictures to share, it's just a matter of finding time without a baby on my lap to get it done! We celebrated Brooks and Keely's birthdays with Lane this year the weekend before their actual birthdays.  Brooks was super excited for the party and Keely was too but had no real idea why! We had the party at my sister, Cody's, and she has a great spot in the kitchen for the kids to eat together.  I don't think any of the kids ate much except cake, but oh well, it's a birthday party!
Keely and Great-Grandma Jost before we opened presents.
Time for presents! The kids were all excited.  With 3 kids opening presents, it was a lot like Christmas!
Brooks and Keely got new basketballs and Brooks was especially excited about it.
Brooks also got a Monsters Inc game (it's like Guess Who only with Monsters characters).  It took him a few tries to learn how to ask questions and eliminate monsters, but he does pretty good now.  He just loves games!
Keely got lots of Minnie Mouse things.  She was in heaven! She got little figurines of a lot of the Disney characters and she could hardly contain herself...she wanted to hold them all at once!
So excited for Minnie Mouse!

 Brooks also got 2 new real golf clubs.  He has already been golfing a couple times and loves them!
 Since Cody volunteered her place to have the party, I offered for Blake to smoke some pork for the meal and said I would make Brooks and Keely each a cake.  Cody really didn't want to make a cake, so I offered to make Lane one too so he wouldn't feel left out. Yep, I made 3 cakes in 2 days.  It was a little messy and crazy in my kitchen and the kids had lots of beaters to lick, but it was fun! I think each kid liked their cake.  Brooks chose his basketball, and luckily I knew Keely would love a Minnie Mouse cake which was pretty easy to make and frost too! I asked Cody what Lane would like and since he was in Tball again this spring, an easy baseball worked perfectly.  Not sure I'm going to want to make 3 cakes every year, but we'll see!
Keely had to test the frosting while we took pictures :)
Singing Happy Birthday..I think Lane and Brooks were a little embarrassed. 
Trying to blow out the candles...Keely had no idea what was going on, Brooks tried so hard with no luck, and Lane got his pretty quickly.
Daddy in to help!

And then apparently for Brooks, taking a bite out of his cake has become 'his thing'.  He did it again this year!
Cake and homemade ice good! I'm just happy both my kids ate it this year! It's the first year Brooks has eaten his (besides the few bites last year!).  Small eating victories are still progress even if it is just cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday Brooks and Keely!!

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