Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Fall!

Yikes, it's been since July.  I know it's just an excuse, but we have been busy around here and blogging has not been on the top of my list.  So sorry to all of you who still follow me on here!  A lot of changes have happened around here for us.  Barrett is now officially walking, and is pretty good at it! He is also eating a few finger foods like peas, crackers, bits of bread, macaroni and cheese, and yesterday tried fruit loops for the first time.  He LOVED those :) 
 Brooks has started his 2nd year of preschool and is loving it.  He has really enjoyed learning to write his name.  He struggled in the beginning, but after his teacher sent home a practice sheet for him (a dry erase sheet with his name on it) he has been practicing about everyday.  He really has gotten better, and for having zero interest every time I have tried the past couple of years, I'm happy he's doing it!!
 Brooks also tried something else new this year, organized soccer! He has always had a love for sports but we were not sure how he would do playing with other kids and on a team.  He was really timid at first, but he at least ran around and followed the crowd of kids with the ball! He was probably about the youngest on his team (it was a 6 and under league), so he did really good considering.  Most importantly, he had fun doing it and is excited about playing again in the spring league. 
 He even started being silly and having fun with his teammates towards the end of the season.  It was fun to watch!
 Keely had fun too while he played...she mostly roamed around and played in the grass.  She's a silly one.
Keely is a typical middle child...she likes to pick on her brothers and is quite awnry.   She is definitely full of energy, loves to laugh, and is pretty silly.  She can also be a little difficult with a naughty streak (throwing food on the floor, pushing Barrett over, taking Brooks' toys just to make him mad), but we love her.
In other events, we have spent the past month enjoying beautiful fall weather, playing lots of board games, and making fall memories.  Brooks still loves Jr. Monoploy, and it's great that grandma still has the old version and we have the new version at home so he gets to play 2!
 The kids loved picking out pumpkins at Grandma's. 
 Barrett loves to ride on Blake's shoulders...the only kid that really has!
 We also went to our very first pumpkin patch this year! The kids had fun playing in the corn kernels, jumping on the big balloon, going down the big gunny sack slide, and looking at pumpkins.  Brooks' favorite though was definitely the corn maze.  He has wanted to go in one for over a year and finally got his opportunity!

We also did another fall tradition of ours, carving pumpkins!  Keely wouldn't touch the insides, but Brooks dove right in.  Glad he has enjoyed this event every year!
 The finished faces...not bad for drawing them freehand!
 On Halloween we went trick or treating in Henderson again with Lane, Katy, and Scarlett.  It was so cold that night, but the kids were so excited to go that they still seemed to have a lot of fun!
 Our Cowboy riding a horse and Minnie Mouse.  They were pretty cute!
 Scarlett was a Princess Kitty, Katy was a Shark, Lane was Iron Patriot, Brooks was a Cowboy on a horse, Keely was Minnie Mouse (minus the ears she wouldn't wear!), and Barrett was a cow. 
 Our Minnie Mouse trying on my mom's cowboy hat Brooks wore.  She was just too cute not to post!
Finally, the biggest reason we have been so busy this fall....we bought another Hardware Store! Yikes! It has been a crazy but exciting adventure so far and we can't wait until we get it all reset with ACE merchandise and really start selling things.  The store was a True Value, and it is pretty empty of inventory right now.  It's a little depressing for us because we can see the potential, but it won't be reset until December.  So it's a little bit of a waiting game right now, but we hope it can do what we think it can! It reminds us so much of the York store when we first bought it (the signage was just as outdated! Coast-to-Coast signage changed to True Value, and that transition happened over 10 years ago!)
 We bought the store October 20th, and we were closed the first day to get everything repriced over to ACE instead of True Value.  I was only able to take Barrett and Keely up with me that day since Brooks had preschool, and they had fun exploring the new place...and messing around with Daddy a little!

 We went up again on Friday and got an official picture including Brooks of us in front of the store.  Can't wait to put up pictures of it all updated and up and running!
Sorry for the long post, but I knew if I didn't include it all now, it wouldn't get put up! (at least for a few more months!) Hopefully it won't be as long this next time :)

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