Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ready for Christmas!

Christmas has always been a favorite time of year for me, and I love sharing that with my kids.  It has been so fun seeing their excitement of it finally being that time of year again, especially Brooks since he is old enough to remember some of our traditions each year.  He was so excited to put up the tree, put lights up outside, hang his nativity advent calendar, make some cookies and other fun things that come with the holidays.  He has been so focused on what day it is on the calendar making sure we don't miss anything (even Black Friday was marked and he insisted we had to do some shopping that day because "It's the biggest shopping day of the year!" I think he listens to us too much!) Anyway, so right after we celebrated Barrett's birthday, he knew it was time to set up our Christmas tree.  He talked about it the whole day in anticipation. 
 Brooks had to inspect each one and pick out his favorites again.  He loves Olaf, Buzz Lightyear, and the chocolate milk penguin one I had when I was a kid.
 Keely loves her Minnie Mouse ones of course, but also anything with a dog and snowmen.
 Barrett wasn't sure what all was going on, but he was fascinated with the lights and the tree.

 Brooks did pretty well hanging some ornaments himself this year
 So excited he got it to stay!
 The kids and me snuggling with the under the tree blanket before bed that night.  Sillies. 
 Brooks and Barrett checking out the tree the next morning.  Blake said Brooks got up and just stared at it for 10 minutes before doing anything else!
 We also put up a few outdoor lights this year since it was so nice! (ok, I would have made Blake hang lights on the house even if it wasn't nice, but luckily it was beautiful!)  On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Luke and Kit and their kids were able to come up for a short visit, and the kids had fun playing together.  It was great that the weather was cooperative and we could spend some much needed outdoor time! And Blake got some good help from Jesse in hanging the house lights!
 Keely was very concerned about the blowup Mickey and Minnie whenever they had to get unplugged for a bit and deflated.  
 She LOVES Minnie.
 She was so concerned about Minnie's face being dirty from the grass and had to brush her off.
 After the lights were hung, it was basketball time!
 Kids all had fun and it was good to see the Burgess cousins we hadn't seen in over a year!
 After they left we asked the kids if they had fun, and Keely said "Yeah, I like them." It was pretty cute :)

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