Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My fight for the driveway

Ok, the Des Moines area has had the 4th or 3rd snowiest winter ever with over 60 inches of snow. It just happen to happen the first year I bought a new house with a huge driveway. So, since I spent all this money on a new house I had no money to buy a snow blower (snow thrower actually). I also have a pregnant wife so I wouldn't let her help me shovel. 4 or five times we have come home from work or a trip to somewhere and I had to park my truck at the end of the drivway and shovel my way up to the garage. The driveway also happens to be placed nicely that it always drifts over in the middle. So, I have shoveled hundreds of pounds snow. In the picture above you can see the christmas lights are still up because we have snow on the ground since December 10 or so. At one time my whole drive was like a tunnel snow up the mirrors on both sides. It was also up to the middle of the side window at the end of the drive another place where it always drifts. I think the city or my neighbors finally felt sorry for me because last week we came home and some one had plowed both of those down. Now I have to just wait for it to melt. Because if it snows again I'm going to have to throw the snow over my neighbors fence because I got not place to put it.

Here is where I have run out of a place to put the snow. If we get more it's going over the fence.

A look down our huge driveway which happens to go downhill. Makes it fun to go down when it's icy. Just so you know you can't see the end of it here this is about a 3rd of the driveway.


Jennifer said...

Wow. We haven't been up since New Year's. I think I would've gone without food for a month to buy a snow blower! ;) That's a long driveway. We're going to be up there the week of the 15th...we'll have to get together.

Anonymous said...

Good blog and pictures.
Been waiting to have you update and show us what's happening. Will that snow break down their fence? That's a lot of pressure.
Nice pickup too.
Now for some more pictures of Casey and BB. :-)

The Burgess family said...

Wow, that IS a lot of snow! Looks like our old place in Lake City, snow-wise.

And I agree that black vehicles are hotter and dirtier, but they break down more? huh.

Our white vehicle looks pretty darn dirty too, actually.

Laurie said...

Hey, how come I'm not listed under your "Blogs I follow" section of your profile? Don't you follow us?!? Gasp! hehe... just noticed that. I should figure out how to get that on my blog too.