Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Truck

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was just sitting around thinking about the future for Casey and I. The plan for a long time was to hang on to our vehicles until we had 2 kids and then Casey would get a new one. Because I had gotten the newest one, my old truck. But, as I said I was thinking that there would be no way for me to transport 2 kids in my old truck, which was only an extended cab truck with a jump seat. I would be able to fit kid in there though. I really didn't want to buy 2 new vehicles when a second kid come as I am sure that it would cost enough with two kids. So, I talked her into looking for a crew cab truck and we found this Canyon with low miles and certified pre-owned which is nice. I know my Grand Dad Lambert has always said don't by a black vehicle because it get's hotter and looks dirtier and breaks down more often. But, it was to good of a deal to listen to him, Sorry Grand Dad. It has been a good truck for the 2 weeks we have owned it.


Jennifer said...

My family was known as the "Stinemetz Mafia" because my Dad loved black vehicles. They're hard to keep clean, but boy do they look sharp when they are! :) Nice truck, btw!

anissa brett and asher said...

YOu sound so happy blake!! even while you are shoveling snow, i'm so happy for you! Maybe you guys should consider a visit to Florida, thats A LOT of snow!! I couldn't tell you the last time I even saw a snow flake, but the beach sure was nice today :-)