Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We finally have internet hooked up at our house, so I hope to update on here more frequently.  A lot has been going on in our lives the past 6 months, but I'll just put some pictures up of the highlights.

We are successfully converting our True Value store to an ACE Hardware (check us out on facebook under York ACE Hardware!)  Blake has been really busy at the store and putting in a lot of time, but the store will look great for our Grand Re-opening March 25-27.

Brooks has been doing good and changing so fast.  Here are a few pics of our active boy:

He loved Christmas, especially ripping away all the paper.  He got so excited about the new toys!

He also loved the Christmas lights!

But he didn't care too much for Santa
He still loves laughing and playing with his daddy

But he still wants mommy when it's time for sleeping

The first night I spent away from him since he was born (I went to a Women's retreat hosted by area churches the last weekend in January) he passed one of the big milestones with dad.  He learned to crawl! So needless to say our play time is much more active for him and me! This picture was taken the week before when Blake's parents came to visit, but you can see he's ready to move!

He gets into everything now, his favorite being laundry baskets full of clothes.  He loves to pull them out piece by piece (especially if mom has already folded them so neatly)

He's started to drink some from his sippy cup, but he still isn't real good at it

Brooks also loves to pull himself up and stand against anything and everything.  One of his favorites is waiting by the stair gate for daddy to come home from work.
 Well that's a brief summary of what has been going on in our lives the past 6 months! Hopefully it doesn't take me another 6 months before I post again....

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Molly said...

You're back! Love the post! We miss you guys!