Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Long Week

So we have bought a house here in York, and we were supposed to close on Friday the 27th.  However, a little over a week ago, a large hail storm came through, and the roof on our house was totaled.  So until a new roof and gutters were put on, we couldn't close!  It is actually awesome that we get a brand new roof and gutters for free since it is still on the sellers insurance, but it's been so inconvenient to wait! The roof was actually done on Friday and the gutters were put on yesterday, so as soon as the invoices get in to our realtor today, they can finish up paperwork and we can hopefully close tomorrow (Thurs) morning.  Since we thought we could move in on Friday (we were going to rent the house from the sellers until the official close could happen, and everything was going smoothly except that the sellers relocation company would absolutely not let anyone move in until it is closed.  The sellers were relocated to Iowa right when we were offering on the house, so we've had to deal with even more paperwork with the relocation company than what a normal closing has) anyways, we were planning on moving on Friday, so Larry and Judy came up on Thursday to help us pack.  So everything has been in boxes, including my kitchen for almost a week! Ugh!! it's been rather annoying, but at least I haven't had to cook! :) 

Anyway, I'll post pictures of the house once we start moving in tomorrow, but until then I have some pictures of Brooks and Cheyenne.  They are best buds!  We took a trip to Lincoln Sunday afternoon and Brooks was so excited to see Cheyenne when we got home that evening.

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