Friday, June 17, 2011


We had another milestone happen the weekend we moved into our house.  Brooks started really walking.  He had been taking a couple steps for several weeks now, but the weekend of June 3rd, he was definitely walking!  Here is a video of it...I know it's not real clear because of the light from the open door, but this will just have to do!

I think Brooks is really enjoying the new place, but it has taken him a little while to get used to it being 'home'.  He hasn't slept through the night yet since we moved, but he has been steadily getting better with only waking up for 15 min last night instead of the hour and a half to 2 hours he had been doing!!  Here are a couple of pictures I took when I was packing up the kitchen in our duplex.  I think by this point Brooks was tired of boxes everywhere and just wanted life to go back to normal! (I can't blame him, so did I!)  He was not happy with me and kept pulling things out of the tote.

 Brooks still won't eat very much real people food.  He's rather stubborn about it!  He has however started wanting to feed himself his yogurt, applesauce and baby food.  At least we are making progress that way! He also eats goldfish crackers, graham crackers, ritz crackers, string cheese and sometimes macaroni and cheese.  So he is getting better, but we still have a long way to go! 

In attempt to ween Brooks from his bottle, we bought him a straw sippy cup thinking he might like it more than the other standard sippy cups.  He wasn't really taking to the other sippy cups real well, but he LOVES his straw cup!  The downside is that they are not spill proof and can also splatter liquid everywhere! But at least he likes to drink out of them and we no longer have to use a bottle!  Here's what happened when he discovered he could splash milk from it!



Molly said...

He's so big! Love the video!

Jennifer said...

He is such a cutie. Isn't it funny (not funny haha) how STUBBORN they can be so YOUNG?!