Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Like Dad

Brooks has really started imitating what Blake and I do.  It's pretty cute to watch!  He especially likes to do whatever his dad does.  He has even started brushing his teeth on his own after he watched Blake one morning. He also loves to vacuum now since he sees Blake do it ALL the time.  (Having a dog shedding her winter coat makes vacuuming a daily necessity!)

 Brooks always wants to steal bites from Blake (well mostly just from his yogurt at noon!)  Here he got to try a smoothie from McDonald's, and he loved it! He also tried some of my frozen strawberry lemonade and didn't like it at first, but then came back for more after he learned the tartness wasn't so bad!
Blake found a tee-ball set I bought Brooks for when he gets a little older, and he started showing Brooks how to hit the ball.  Brooks liked to try, but mostly liked to watch Cheyenne fetch the ball!
I'm not sure where Brooks came up with this one....he has started eating some of his dropped snacks off the floor with his mouth.  My only guess is he is imitating Cheyenne!

Blake has put together several new furniture purchases in the past few weeks, and Brooks now likes to try and 'fix' things too.  He takes his little toy screwdriver and acts like he is screwing on the end table after he saw Blake working on it.  He had to get in on the action when Blake was tightening the screws on our dining room chairs too. :)

The boy loves his dad!

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