Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Last weekend Henderson had their annual Community Days.  Since Blake had the weekend off, we decided we'd join in on some of the festivities.  I played in the alumni basketball game on Saturday morning.  It was fun, but I was sooo out of shape I could hardly run up and down the court by the end!  I played with girls mostly older than me and only a couple that I actually played with in high school, but it was still fun.  There were only 2 girls teams and we had to play a group that was at least 5 years younger than me.  They were still in too good of shape and made almost all of their shots!  Needless to say, we lost pretty bad!  Oh well...maybe next year I will actually do a little training beforehand! 

There wasn't a whole lot for Brooks' age, but we decided he might like going to the parade on Friday night.  It wasn't a very long parade, and there weren't a ton of entries, but he did like picking up the candy!  Not that he even knew what it was because we didn't let him have any of it, but he sure liked the concept anyway!
He got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Lane and Katelyn liked it too!

Taking a break (and found some sand to play in)....
I'm not sure how he learned what the candy was for...maybe he was watching other kids around him, but I thought it was pretty cute he was trying to eat it!

Didn't understand the bubbles were not candy!
He got knocked down once by a little girl running for some candy, so he took a break and sat on my lap for a bit

Didn't last long and he was ready to get some more!  When the parade was over, all he wanted to do was walk in the street.  Good thing Henderson main street isn't a busy place :)

I think it was a little too short of a parade for Brooks, but maybe it was just a good warm up for the Smith Center parade in September.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey I really enjoy seeing Brooks on the blog, At least I get to see all the great grandkids as they grow up. and it seems so fast Great doutssurGranddad Joe