Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Little Lion

Amazingly we were able to get Brooks to wear the Lion costume I had bought him when we went trick or treating Monday night.  He looked so cute!  I had a basketball jersey for a backup plan since everytime he had tried the lion on or even seen it he cried!  I think seeing other kids dressed up made it ok!  We decided to go to Henderson for trick or treating so we could go with Brooks' cousins, Katy and Lane.  We also wanted to go to Great-Grandma's too, so that was another reason to go there instead of York.  All the kids had a great time...especially after they realized that these strangers were holding bowls of candy for them!  As shy as Brooks normally is, I thought he wouldn't do very well going to strange houses, but he seemed to catch on pretty quick what trick or treating was all about.  Here are just some pictures from the night. 

 Getting candy from Great Grandma Jost
Brooks would not let anyone else carry his bucket, even after it got really heavy.  He wasn't about to give up any of his candy!

I loved his little tail!
Lane was a horse and Katy was a puppy.  I wanted to get a good picture of all three of them together, but my camera ran out of batteries! Here's a picture of Lane in his horse costume, Brooks thought it was pretty funny when he would gallop around in it!

I didn't get a good picture of Katy, but you can kinda see her in this picture of the whole crew!
It was actually a really fun evening and we had beautiful weather!  I can't remember too many Halloweens growing up when the weather was actually nice!


Anonymous said...

Good pictures and a fun evening, just wish SC wasn't so far away! Would of been fun to see a lion at our door :)
G-ma B

Cody said...

Glad you could join us! It was fun!