Monday, November 21, 2011

Brooks and Cheyenne

Since we got Cheyenne last April, she has been a pretty good dog for us.  The worst part about having a dog right now is that our backyard is so muddy when it gets just a little wet outside and Cheyenne seems to love getting her paws filthy.  Denali was always good about trying to keep her feet clean, but not Cheyenne! We are going to struggle with dirty paws all winter I'm sure! She has done her share of naughty things like chewing up Brooks' sand toys, destroying 2 dog beds by chewing them up, eating out of the trash, and breaking out of the fence in the backyard and running around the neighborhood.  (this just happened last week...thankfully Blake was able to repair the hole she had made in the fence pretty easily!)  However, while these things might make Blake and I upset with her, it doesn't effect Brooks' feelings towards her one bit.  At least for a while longer, he will love her unconditionally.  Here are just some fun pictures of the two of them the past several months.

 Waiting for Blake to come home!

 Yes, we let him climb on her however he wants.  She doesn't seem to care, and if she does, she just gets up slowly and walks away.  Such a good dog!

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Michelle said...

They are so cute together! Looks like she is his best friend!!!