Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jack o Lantern

This past weekend Brooks had his first experience with carving a Jack O Lantern.  Since the Halloween season has begun, we've been pointing out the 'funny face' pumpkins all over town.  Brooks thinks it's so much fun! He also loves the big plastic ones we are selling at Ace.  While I'm ready for the Halloween season to be over (I hate all the scary movie commercials and other scary things on tv right now...I couldn't even watch college football last Saturday with Brooks without him getting scared from commercials! so frustrating!) anyway, while I want it to be over, there are some traditional Halloween things that have been fun now that we have kids. Making funny faced pumpkins is one of them!

Brooks was so excited!

 The first look at what is inside a pumpkin
 I think Keely was in amazement at it too!

 Digging out seeds

 They are slimy!
 Got one!!

 Brooks making sure I put the guideline stickers on just right before cutting
 Happy girl just taking it all in

 And once it was cut, the smile from Brooks' face disappeared.  He was not impressed!
 We finally figured out that he was upset that I cut out the face.  Most of the funny faced pumpkins he'd seen were just orange with black faces painted on them (plastic ones).  We think he just couldn't tell what I was doing and couldn't see the face as well.
 Once it was outside with the light on in it, he was happy again! I think he's trying to make the same face in this picture!

 I just think his expression in this picture is great! Saying, "Mom, are we done with the pictures yet??"
 And here is our funny faced pumpkin!

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