Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trip to Kansas

I know I'm a little behind on my blogs, (especially updates on Keely!) but I'll try and catch up here this week!  Anyway, last weekend we decided to take a trip to Smith Center just to get away for a little bit.  Brooks was super excited, and when I had him help me pack on Thursday (we didn't leave till Friday afternoon), he got so sad when he found out we weren't going to see Grandma and Papa right that instant!  I tried to convince him we would still go, but wow it took him awhile to get over it! We left Friday afternoon, and Keely did so much better this trip than last time.  We stopped in Grand Island on the way, and that helped Keely have some time out of her carseat so that she would be able to take 2 one hour naps instead of just one 2 hour (which she never does anymore!)  Friday night Blake and I got the chance to go see a movie in Smith Center, and we jumped on that opportunity! It's been awhile since we've had any moments away from the kids! Saturday we didn't do a whole lot, but just enjoyed hanging out and eating at Jiffy Burger (Brooks kept calling it Burger King for some reason, but either way, he likes it!) We also stopped to see the great-grandparents while we were there.
 Brooks just wanted to throw the football the entire time we were outside at Great Grandad Lambert's!

 Brooks will forever know Great Grandma Burgess as the one who has the special 'orange juice' and candy! He still talks about the orange juice (Sunny D, which can hardly be called orange juice!) she gives him when he hears her voice on his recordable Christmas Charlie Brown book.
 We also got in on doing some apple picking. 

 Brooks had fun 'sorting' the apples

 Saturday night we sat around the fire pit and did S'mores. We thought for sure Brooks would want to try one because it consists of 3 of his favorite things, Chocolate, Marshmallows, and Graham Crackers!
 He started out with just a plain marshmallow.  He was very happy about that!

 I don't know why my face looks so mad here! Yikes! I blame it on the lack of sleep Keely had been giving me the week before! She was getting up at least 4-5 times a night and not falling asleep well.  One night I even had to take her on a walk outside at 11:15 at night! ugh! Anyway, I really was enjoying myself and hoping Brooks would try something new for once!
 Helping Papa roast the marshmallows
 Brooks liked watching the fire...I think we all did!
 And here is about as close as Brooks got to trying the S'mores...bummer.  He didn't like that we put it all together and wanted just the chocolate out of it.  Oh well, one of these days he won't scream so much at new things...I hope!
We had a fun time there, and luckily, Keely slept for the whole 2 hour drive home, and woke up just a mile from the York exit! Made it that much better!

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