Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year we knew we would be staying close to home so Blake could open the store at 6:00am on Black Friday and because it was my side of the family's turn for Thanksgiving.  To help make it more of a holiday, we spent Wednesday night at my parents so we could be there for the whole day on Thursday.  It was nice to relax (a little) the evening before Thanksgiving and not have to get up quite so early on Thursday to drive over there.  Blake had to close the store that night, so he didn't get to my parents' house till about 9 or 9:30, but it was still fun to play a few rounds of phase 10 with everyone before we went to bed. (having kids around just doesn't allow for much game playing anymore, and I really miss it!)  Before Blake got there, I decided Brooks might have a lot of fun with Jr Monopoly, because he loves playing games with dice, and loves the Curious George episode where he plays a board game.

 Bret and Laura were good about being patient with Brooks who liked to roll the dice for everyone and move 'ticket booths' all over the place.  I think maybe Laura ended up winning!
 On Thursday Lane and Katy had fun with Bret and Laura.  Brooks just sat on Daddy and watched them do this ball throwing game...he said he was tired.
 Cooking in the kitchen, this was where mom was most of the time.  All the food was really good and we had a fun time!
And Brooks helping with the food...He loves to be in the kitchen!
Mom and Dad

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