Saturday, November 17, 2012

Playing in the Leaves

While I do like living in a mostly shaded yard bordered by trees, it turns into a pretty big mess of leaves in the fall! Blake bought a leaf blower when we were in Iowa because we had a few big trees, and he uses it even more with this yard! Brooks got a little red rake from Ace and had a blast helping Daddy with the leaves!

 He loved it when Blake got under the leaves and jumped out at him!

Brooks is under this pile somewhere!
 One, Two, Three....GO!!!!
 Even Keely got to play in the leaves some...and of course tried to put one in her mouth like she does with just about everything these days!

 Blake cleaned up that pile of leaves, and then the next week, there were just as many! So Brooks got to jump in another pile.

 The starting position...

Fun fall play for a 2 year old!

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