Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Life

Not much has been happening around here these days, but we do have 2 little ones that will be having a birthday the end of this week! A lot has happened in a year, and both kids have grown up so much! I'll post pictures of how much they have grown/changed in a year for their birthday, but in the mean time, here are just some random pictures of what we've been up to around here.
One cold day I tried to make up a new game for Brooks since he is always wanting to throw things.  I had seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it sounded fun for him. He loved the concept of throwing paper balls at the 'spider web' made of painters tape, but unfortunately the balls would not stick very well.  In about 20 minutes of playing, we got maybe 3 to stick.  The tape just wasn't sticky enough, but Brooks had fun trying!

 My mom found my old hamper basketball hoop at her house, and needless to say, Brooks is in love! Blake hung the hoop downstairs on shelving brackets so it can be raised and lowered as he grows.  Brooks and Blake have spent hours playing basketball the past few weeks! (and yes, he uses whatever kind of ball fits!)

 After watching a Daniel Tiger one morning, Brooks wanted to recreate the scene where they make an inside beach out of blankets.  We luckily had just the right color blankets for sand and water and some fun 'beach' toys.  The kids played most of the morning with it off and on!

 Keely loves to climb.  One day when she would not stay out of Brooks' room to climb on his little bench, I decided to just put a tote in the middle of the floor for her.  She loved it! She did really good in the beginning getting down, but now after a few crashes she gets scared once she's up there and fusses until someone helps her down.  But it won't stop her from still climbing up!
Another Pinterest thing I found was to make popcorn balls out of Peeps.  I know Brooks loves popcorn balls, so I thought this would be an easy way to make a small batch! One 5 peep pack makes just about 3 cups of marshmallow popcorn.  So after Easter when the Peeps were all on sale, I bought a few packages.  Brooks was super excited!

 And he loved it!
 We have been spending time outdoors when we can, but Keely has a knack of getting quite dirty and getting into everything!
 We went over to our friends, Austin and Danielle's house a couple weeks ago, and Austin showed Brooks how to fly a toy helicopter from Austin's phone.  Brooks thought it was pretty cool! And I must say that for an almost three year old, he did pretty well!

 Brooks also had his first Wii experience that night.  Here he is bowling.  He thought it was pretty fun!

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Cody said...

I saw those Peeps popcorn balls on Pinterest - they looked really good! Glad he liked them! Katy loved to climb too - put the tote in front of your front window (if Keely can't already see out) and she'll be entertained for hours :)