Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I know it's been a month since the kids' birthday, but I still need to post pictures about the party we had for them.  We had their party on Saturday, the 4th.  Brooks was pretty excited about having a party, and Keely just went with the flow! Grandma and Papa Burgess came up on Friday and so did Luke, Kit and the kids.  To help entertain the kids and give me some time to get the house ready for the party, Saturday Grandma and Papa, Luke and Kit, and all the kids went to Lincoln to the Children's Museum.  I think they all had a lot of fun, but Keely was pretty wiped out and luckily took a short little nap right before the party started!
 Brooks and Rosa ate supper together (at least for a little while, neither one ate very long!)
 Here is part of the group...along with Blake's parents and brother's family, my parents, my sister and her family, my brother and his wife, and my Grandma and Grandpa Jost were there.  It was a houseful!!
 Brooks opening his blow-up bowling pin set he had seen in a Bed Bath and Beyond catalog.  When he opened it, he said, "Oh I wanted these so bad!" He still continues to play with them daily, I'll have to take some pictures of it...the pins are huge!
 Keely got some great girl toys...she loves the baby dolls
 Brooks always had to check out what Keely got!

 Pearl was right there checking it out too...
 Maybe Keely had enough....so funny!!
Brooks and his new outdoor basketball hoop.  I think he might have been in a little bit of shock as to what it was! He was super excited when we set it up in the house just for that night!
 Here is Keely's owl cake. 
 Brooks got a dice cake with a '3' on top.  He was so excited! 
 We really wanted him to try it since he has never really tried cake.  I unfortunately don't have pictures of the events that took place next, but hopefully my mom does and I'll get the pictures yet. After he blew out the candles, I started cutting Keely a piece of hers so she could try it...then without me noticing, Brooks had decided to just take a big bite out of his dice cake.  It was super funny, and I'm glad I hadn't caught him in the act, because I probably would have stopped him! He thought it was great and proceeded to take a couple more bites before we decided that was enough and we would actually cut him a piece! However, Brooks was really disappointed when other people 'ruined' his dice cake by eating pieces of it! I don't think he ate anymore that night. He was actually sad about it for several days after! I don't think he realized that the cake was made to eat that night, not to just look at and play with!
 Here is a picture of the Burgess cousins on Sunday before they left to go back to Wyoming.  While it was definitely a houseful, it was fun to have everyone here to celebrate 2 special birthdays!

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