Saturday, November 30, 2013

Barrett Lee

Welcome to the world Barrett Lee Burgess!

Barrett was born November 20, at 5:39 pm and weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 19 inches long.  My water broke early Wednesday morning, at 12:40 am, so we woke up, called my parents (who took 3 tries of calling the house phone before someone answered!), and waited for them to get to our house to stay with Brooks and Keely so we didn't have to wake them up before we headed to the hospital.  We got to the hospital about 2:00 am and tried to get some sleep since I was not very far along in labor and feeling minimal contractions.  They ended up inducing me by starting Potussin (sp?) around 5 am or so since I couldn't sleep anyway and we needed to get something happening! I started feeling stronger contractions about mid morning.  Labor was moving a little slow, but that was ok since I had to get payroll submitted for ACE that morning anyway! :) Finally around 1 pm I was far enough along to get an epidural and we hoped I would progress pretty fast from there like I did with Keely.  I tried to get some sleep during this time too since I hadn't slept any since before we left home.  I didn't get much sleep and finally a little after 5 they determined I was finally progressing enough to get things ready for Barrett to come! After pushing twice, Barrett was born! While it was a fairly long labor, it wasn't terrible.  It actually mirrored my labor with Brooks because my water broke with Brooks at about 12:45 am and he was born at 7:35 pm later that evening.  Funny how my two boys were so similar coming into the world, and Keely was very different! It will be fun to see how they continue to compare and differ as they grow up!

My mom brought Keely and Brooks over to meet Barrett the next morning.  Brooks was excited and I think Keely really had no idea what was going on and ignored him for the most part until we got her up close to look at him.  She kept saying, "ooo, baby.  oooo, baby" over and over.

She was fascinated by his little feet!

Brooks has been really good about having a baby around and seems very interested in him.  He has said several times that he wants Barrett to be a football player when he gets older.  I think Brooks will love having a brother to play sports with!

Here is Barrett the 1st full day we were home.  He slept ALOT! I don't remember how much my other kids slept when they were newborns, but it seems like Barrett sleeps more.  In the first few days I had to wake him up several times during the day and at night to eat after 4 hours of not eating.  He had lost 8% body weight by the time we had left the hospital and really didn't show much interest in eating unless we forced him.  However, he has started getting better with eating and at his 1 week weight checkup, he was already up to 8 lbs 4 oz, so it seems he's growing just fine! Let's hope this sleeping/laid back attitude continues! Sure would make it easier on us all!
The first couple days at home we watched a lot of Snoopy movies for Keely and Brooks.  Keely LOVES Snoopy right now! Especially the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown.
Barrett seems so small right now!
Keely has started fighting some naps and bedtime so needless to say she has been more tired lately.  She finally just gave in while watching Thomas the Tank Engine while I was getting lunch ready one morning.  She did not want to wake up to eat!
Both kids are pretty proud of their little brother!
And finally, Happy Thanksgiving from Brooks! He made a pilgrim hat at preschool and was pretty excited to show me when he got home!

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