Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Go Big Red!

A couple of weeks ago, we got the opportunity to go to the Husker football game against Northwestern.  My dad had been offered 3 tickets and since they were still in the middle of harvest and he was unable to go, he offered them to Blake and I.  We thought it would be fun for Brooks to experience a game, so my Mom agreed to watch Keely for the day, and Blake and I took Brooks to the game.  We got there plenty early, which was a good thing because apparently being 8 months pregnant REALLY slows me down walking! We parked pretty far away from the stadium and I think Brooks and I were both tired of walking by the time we got to the stadium! We went down close to the field first so Brooks could see some players warming up and see the field.  Looks like all they are watching right now is the cheerleaders! ha!

We ran into some people I knew from Henderson, so they offered to take a family picture for us.  Brooks looks funny in the pictures because he still thinks he has to open his mouth wide open for a smile, but we are working on it!

Our seats were actually pretty good.  We were on the East side of the stadium at about the 40 yard line, so we got sun most of the game and could see really well. 
Brooks was so excited to get popcorn at the game!
Unfortunately we had a little bit of an issue with our seats.  The company my dad had gotten them from had 3 seats, but only 2 were together and the other one was 6 seats down in the same row.  There was only 2 people sitting in our row when we got there, and they happened to be the 2 seats right next to our 2 seats.  We sat down right next to them, and the lady next to me didn't even acknowledge we were there, say hi, or anything...seemed a little odd to me, but I thought whatever.  I ended up having to nudge her arm to get her attention and asked her if they were seats 12 and 13 (we were 14 and 15 and our other one was 7).  She said yes, and was very quick to say that we must have one seat further down the row.  I said, yes, we do.  She then said, before I could even ask, "We don't move down for anyone.  We've had these seats for 50 years and we don't move.  One of you will have to sit over there."  I was so taken aback by the abruptness of the comment and attitude that I couldn't even answer her back! I understand that they must get asked to move down every game since this company gives their tickets to different people every week, but she was not nice about it AT ALL!  And it was for a 3 year old that literally would only take up 6 inches of room on the bleachers.  What does 6 inches matter!!?!? And of course, once Blake got back and I explained it to him and me being 8 months pregnant and all, I actually cried about the situation! I really didn't want us to have to separate for the whole game! What's the fun in that?!? We decided to just wait it out and see if the people on the other side of Blake would ever show up.  They ended up getting there half way through the 1st quarter, but then left at the end of the 1st qtr, so we were super lucky with that! Brooks was able to sit on Blake's or my lap or stand in between our legs while the seats besides us were full, and he didn't seem to mind one bit! The 4 people behind us also left to go watch the game at a bar because it was too hot for them...yeah, I don't know why because it was super nice, but it was better for us to have the space!! And needless to say, the lady beside me did not say another word to me the entire game.  I couldn't believe the harshness! However, the people in front of us were super nice and talked to Brooks and didn't mind getting elbowed or kneed a few times by a squirmy 3 year old.  Thank goodness!  As you can see in this picture, Brooks didn't mind standing for part of the game! He had a lot of fun.

Letting our balloons go for the first score.  Thank goodness it was on the first drive because I was really tired of holding them between my legs!!

Overall we had a great time, and no, we did not end up staying until the end for the miraculous hail mary play.  :(  We had decided to leave in the middle of the 4th quarter when the score was tied because we knew I would be extremely slow leaving the stadium, and it was already a really long game as it was! Brooks was pretty tired too, (he had wanted to leave in the 1st quarter because he was tired...aka, nap time! but once I took him to the restroom and walked around a little bit with him, he woke up and enjoyed the rest of the game!) so we just headed out.  Blake even ran ahead to pick us up because I was moving so slow...seriously, I could not believe how badly my hips hurt!! Ridiculous! 8 months pregnant to a Husker football game was not the best idea, but hey, we made it! So in the end, we heard the hail mary touchdown in the van on our way out of Lincoln, but at least the Huskers pulled out the win!

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