Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brooks & Cheyenne

I've been meaning to put together a blog about our new puppy, Cheyenne, but I just haven't had a chance until now.  We knew after we lost Denali that we wanted a new dog eventually, but the plan was to wait until we had a house with a backyard.  Blake of course couldn't help but start looking right away.  We had talked about getting an Australian Shepard (that's what my family had when I was growing up, and I knew they were great family dogs).  Blake looked for breeders online and couldn't really find any in NE, but he found one that had a 6 mo old puppy still for sale down in Missouri.  Blake contacted the breeder and she sent several pictures of Cheyenne and she looked exactly like what we wanted!  So instead of waiting, we decided to go ahead and get her right now.  It's been a bit of a challenge having a puppy in a small duplex, but she's actually doing pretty good considering.  She has terrible anxiety issues if we kennel her or section her off to one part of the duplex.  After spending a week in the kennel at night where she would continually whine and bark, we decided to try and just let her sleep in our bedroom on the floor (definitely NOT on our bed).  She has done fabulously and doesn't make a peep all night.  She just wanted to be where we were!  So besides not liking to be alone, she has proved to be a good dog for us, and I know as she gets more and more out of her puppy stage, she will be even better. 

Cheyenne has been great with Brooks.  He absolutely loves her!  She has been so tolerant of him climbing all over her and even pulling her hair....she hasn't once snapped or even looked annoyed at him.  We still watch her pretty close with him, but so far, she's been better than we ever would have thought!  Brooks calls her 'dah' or 'ah dah' all the time...he hasn't quite figured out the 'g' sound, but he gets really close to 'dog'.  It's pretty cute!

 Brooks has even learned which 'toys' are hers.  If he finds a rawhide or her 'kong' on the floor he tries to hand it to her.  He's even taken the rawhide from her before when she was chewing on it, and she just let him! Such a good dog!
Brooks also knows what the leash is for.  I think he's seen me hook her up to take her out enough that he tries to do it too!

It's a little hard for me to get pictures of the two of them while they are playing because as soon as I get the camera out, they both want to come see what I've got.
 Pretty cute sometimes :)
One night when Cheyenne really wanted to play and wear off some energy (and it was too cold to go on a walk) Blake decided to see if she would chase a laser.  Denali never really did, but Cheyenne went crazy!  Brooks thought it was absolutely hilarious!  Although, I don't know who laughed harder, Brooks or Blake!

I know these videos are not clear at all (I'm not even sure they will work)...it was too dark in the duplex, but at least maybe you can get some idea of the fun! Like I said, I think Blake might have laughed more than anyone! :)
So all in all Cheyenne has been a good addition to our family, and I'm sure you'll see more posts with her in it in the future!


Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh too.
Love the pics.
Mom B.

The Burgess family said...

Cool! I've heard that breed of dog is really smart. Glad you're enjoying her :)