Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing with Cousins

Last week when it had been rainy and not a lot going on, Cody and I decided to meet up at Grandma's for something to do with the kids!  We didn't get to play outside since it was wet and cold, but it was still fun for the kids to play with Grandma's toys!

Lane had brought the bat he got for his birthday, and Brooks thought it was the coolest thing

Katy and Brooks did a little sharing, and at least there was no punching in the face involved this time around.  Maybe they are finally learning to play together a little! (or at least tolerate each other!)

Lane still isn't sure he likes the younger ones messing with the stuff he's playing with, but it'll get better once Brooks and Katy get a little older.  I think Lane can't wait for that!

Sippy cup break
Here are just a few of Brooks at home.  I just thought he looked pretty mischievous since he knew he wasn't supposed to play with the DVD cupboard.

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