Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Brooks!

Our little boy turns 1 today! I can't believe Brooks is already a year old, but yet so much has happened in the past year, it seems like forever ago that we lived in Iowa!  We celebrated Brooks' birthday on Sunday with both of our families.  The day started with having Brooks dedicated at our church and then lunch, opening presents, and cake.  Here are a few pictures from the day.

I had to help Brooks with the wrapping paper this time.  For some reason he wasn't quite as interested in it as he was at Christmas.  But he was sure interested in the gifts inside!
 Cousin Lane was pretty interested too.  He wanted pretty badly to play with the toy tape measure he helped pick out for Brooks.

Brooks was extremely excited about the gift he got from Grandma and Grandpa Burgess.  He had rode on a little push car at the ACE show, so he knew exactly what to do with this one that he got.

Cousin Katelyn thought it looked like fun to.  She even started to push him around in it! It was so cute...maybe someday they'll take turns pushing each other!

After presents it was on to the cake.  I had done a duck theme since we consider that to be his first word.  He said it at the ACE show several times when he was playing with a rubber ducky.
Here is the cake I made for him
I think he just wanted to pull the ducks off it, but I can imagine that he liked it, right?
This was the first time Brooks has tried cake, and as with any new texture, he wasn't too impressed

 We gave him a bite of the homemade ice cream, and I think he liked that a lot better!! (who wouldn't?!?!)

I fed him some frosting on the spoon, and he kind of liked that, but still wasn't too interested.  Next year I'm sure he will enjoy it more!!

The day was fun, but I think we were all exhausted afterwards!  Brooks has really enjoyed playing with his new toys.  He's already mastered using his legs to push himself in his car, but he doesn't know that when he runs into things he gets stuck, but he'll learn! (or maybe as a boy he will always run into things!)  Thank you to all for the gifts and the fun party!


The Burgess family said...

Happy birthday, big guy! Sounds like a fun party, we were sorry to miss it! Can't wait to see him again, he's such a cutie. That first year IS really something, isn't it? Age one is my fav ;)

Molly said...

Can't believe it! Love the pictures!