Monday, August 15, 2011

Fresh from the Garden!

We have really been struggling to get Brooks to try new foods.  For example, last weekend when we went to Des Moines, he was running short on his bunny shaped graham crackers, but I figured we'd be okay because I could just stop at Walmart there and pick more up.  However, the Walmart we went to was out of the honey kind, so instead of getting chocolate ones (I wasn't sure he'd like the switch) I grabbed a box of honey Teddy Grahams.  When it was time for Brooks' snack I handed him one and he took one look at it and started waving his arms and shaking his head saying 'uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.' Oh I tried them, and they taste exactly the same, but he wouldn't even try them! He wasn't content until finally we stopped on the way home at the Walmart outside of Omaha, and luckily they had 2 boxes left.  Thank goodness! We had a much happier little boy after that.  In the days since, we have gotten him to eat a couple of the bears when he wasn't paying attention, and he ate them fine, but if he looks at the cracker first, he won't eat it!
So needless to say, he doesn't get a lot of variety of foods these days.  But he has eaten almost anything we've given him that is fresh from the garden!  He'll eat green beans, corn off the cob, fresh peas, fried home grown potatoes, and even cucumbers! Luckily both our mom's do huge gardens and we've been able to get some of the harvests! :) Maybe next year we'll try and find a sunny corner (we don't have many in our shaded backyard) and do one ourselves!  Brooks also likes fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and peaches.  And of course unhealthy french fries is still a #1 favorite...ugh! Here he is just munching away on a cucumber slice...would have never guessed out of all things he'd like cucumbers! But I'm not least he gets some nutrition!
When mom and I were husking corn to put up last week, Brooks would just not leave us alone! He absolutely LOVES corn, especially straight off the cob, so he kept whining because he wanted to eat one so bad.  Finally I decided giving him a raw piece of corn was better than hearing him whine! He was a content happy little boy after that! 

He'll probably be disappointed when we no longer have fresh corn off the cob, but I froze several bags and Blake's mom gave us even more, so hopefully that will last us through the winter!

This next picture has nothing to do with eating, but I thought it was just too cute not to post! Brooks loves books and always wants us to read him something.  He cornered Blake before he could go back to work after lunch and had him read one of his favorites.  Too cute in their matching ACE shirts!

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