Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Every parent does it, we have hopes and dreams for our kids.  Blake and I have our fair share, and playing sports is one of them.  Now we don't ever want to pressure Brooks into playing sports, but I do think we will at least make him try! Blake is really hoping Brooks follows in his footsteps and plays football.  As a big football fan, I'm all for it, but of course I'd like him to play basketball too (and maybe even baseball which isn't top on Blake's list! :) )  Whatever Brooks chooses to do in life, we will cheer him on, but we can always play around with hoping he's a sports fan!
Here is what brought on this post: Blake found his Trinity football jersey from college this past weekend, and had to try it out on Brooks....he has a bit of growing to do....
 He looks mad in these pics, but he wasn't, he was just a little tired!  He actually cried when Blake took it off him.

Then today, Blake dressed him in a little basketball outfit.  Too cute, I couldn't resist snapping a few future basketball star pics!


Cody said...

Love it! I hope that Lane plays football and baseball..I could live without the basketball! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! He's growing and changing so much.
Mom B.