Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week Brooks had his first ever zoo experience! He loved it! Brooks and I met Blake's parents, Kit, Jesse, Winter and Pearl in Salina, KS at the Rolling Hills Zoo.  I had never been there before, but for a smaller zoo, it was pretty good! (at least I think it was a small zoo, but maybe I'm just too used to Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha cause that's all my family really went to growing up!) Here are some of the pictures from the day!

Brooks was ready to go!
He wanted to be held by Papa for the first few exhibits, but then he just wanted to GO! He loved walking around himself!
 These were chimps
He kept up with the older kids quite well
Don't worry, it was only the cage of a tortoise ...I figured I could save his hand before the slow thing could make it there!
Brooks pointing at the geese.

He enjoyed walking around outside about as much as seeing the animals I think!

Brooks wanted to touch the goat, but I was afraid it would bite him thinking he had food in his hands...maybe next time I'll let him!
 I liked the giraffes, but I think Brooks could care was lunch time!

 Brooks also liked the wolves...of course!
It was a fun trip, a long time in the car for a 15 month old, but for only getting 30 min of nap the whole day, he did well!  I can't wait until we can take him to the Omaha zoo in a few weeks with my family and Blake can be there too. Brooks loves animals!! 

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Cody said...

Love the pic with his hands in the fence! :)