Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Best Buds

The way life has taken us, it seems that Brooks will be able to grow up with cousins very close around him.  This is something Blake was very familiar with growing up, but I was not fortunate enough to have cousins living close by.  My sister and I try and regularly get together for play dates with the kids.  Until recently, all 3 kids would pretty much just play on their own.  Now Brooks and Lane have really started actually playing together.  Brooks gets pretty excited when Lane and Katy are coming over or we are going to their house.  Lane even told Cody that Brooks was his best friend.  I'm pretty sure Lane is Brooks' right now too! Here are just a few fun pictures of the two of them playing!

There were so many cute photo opportunities, but it was so hard to get them both to sit still!

Here they are reading books together in Katy's tent.  I think Lane was trying to read to Brooks!

I'm so thankful Brooks will have cousins close to him and can enjoy those special relationships! Since baby #2 is a girl and Lane just has a sister right now too, they might be the closest thing each other ever has to a brother! :) Luckily Katy will have a girl cousin coming soon and hopefully they can have just as much fun together as the 2 boys! 

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Anonymous said...

I loved your post! Made me think more of how close Luke and Blake were, but so glad that Brooks and Lane can have that type of relationship. Larry laughed and said, I don't think Brooks will ever have cousins like Kyle and Josias!! Hope they read this! Life was so good and full!
The boys look like they are having a great time!
Enjoy it as much as you can!l
Mom B.