Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

Brooks absolutely adores Cheyenne, and I'm pretty sure Cheyenne likes Brooks more than she likes Blake or I! The two of them love to play together.  Cheyenne has recently been pushed to a mostly outside dog due to some indoor 'accidents', but when she has clean paws and we can watch her pretty close, we still let her in some.  Brooks loves to play 'tunnel' with blankets over the couch and ottoman, and he's roped Cheyenne into playing with him.  The two of them have a blast!

 I'm pretty sure Cheyenne nudges Brooks as they are crawling through, and I know she sometimes steps on his feet cause sometimes he'll come out without his socks!

 It was really hard to get pictures, so sorry you can't see Brooks' face much, but he was laughing the whole time!

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