Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There hasn't been a whole lot to blog about lately, so I'll just post a bunch of pictures of what we've been doing.  (That's all anyone really wants to see anyway, right?!). 

We have really been enjoying the beautiful weather recently.  It's been great for business too as ACE has been really busy with early spring shoppers.  Brooks has been helping Daddy clean up the yard and plant a few seeds (hoping to add some color to our pretty boring backyard!)
 Brooks uses a stick to dig and rake leaves and whatever else he needs to do.  I think we should maybe buy him some actual tools! :)

 He's just pretty goofy sometimes!

Sidewalk chalk has also been a recent favorite alternative to inside coloring.  And it's nice that he sits pretty good so I can sit and color with him and not have to run after him all the time! (It's getting harder to run around after an almost 2 year old now that I'm 34 weeks pregnant!)

 I think we could be in a commercial for Minute Maid juice with these pics! ha! Brooks just thought it was pretty special that he got to take his juice outside with him!
Brooks really LOVES talking to Papa and Grandma Burgess on Skype on the iPad.  He likes it when Papa makes faces and brings the cat to say hi.

 Brooks' Scout dog has also become a favorite again.  Just thought these pictures were too cute :)
 Hugs! :)
 This is still how Brooks smiles when asked...goofball

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