Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jell-O Eggs!

Brooks had so much fun making Jell-O Eggs for Easter, that he requested we make them again for his birthday party this coming weekend.  He loves to help stir the jello and see all the different colors.  Amazingly, he also likes to eat the eggs! I say it's amazing, because he still does not try many new things, and he definitely usually doesn't like the taste of new things!  Since he's actually venturing out with texture and taste by eating Jell-O, I agreed to make the eggs with him again.  However, this time around making the Jell-O Eggs has been quite the adventure. 
We started with red ones, and Brooks did an awesome job stirring the mixture.
After we got those all mixed up and poured in the molds, we started with the orange ones.  I have 3 molds, so we can do 2 batches at once.
This is how the orange batch turned out.....
Yes, Brooks fell off the chair while stirring the pudding mixture into the jello.  You can kinda see where he was laying on the floor by the splatter void.  It was a really big mess to clean up.  I grabbed him right away (he was screaming mostly because the whole thing scared him and he was covered in Jell-O) and took him to the bath tub.  He finally calmed down once I got his clothes off him and he could play in the tub.  However, by the time I was done washing him and changing my clothes, the jello had started to solidify on the carpet.  I didn't even know where to start cleaning that up! Rags and paper towels did practically nothing! Blake brought home the rug doctor cleaner (this all happened right at supper time) and started washing the carpet that way.  Thank goodness after many, many, many times over the spots with the rug doctor, it got mostly cleaned up.  We can still see an orange hue in spots, but since we hope to someday replace the kitchen and dining room carpet with laminate wood flooring, we can live with it!  I still think the chairs are sticky in spots, and it will probably take awhile to finally get those all clean, but at least it's pretty well clean!
Anyway, we quit making the eggs that evening, but at lunch the next day we took the red ones out of the fridge and Brooks was still excited about them! And he still loves to sit in those chairs and help/watch me cook.
And of course Brooks enjoyed eating one :)

I decided to continue making the other colors of eggs.  Brooks did get to stir again...."I promise I'm being very careful stirring this time mommy!" (daddy didn't trust it as much as you can see him holding the cup!)  I don't blame him for not wanting to clean up again!!!
We have since successfully mixed up another orange batch, blue, yellow, and purple, so with only green to go yet tomorrow, hopefully this round of making Jell-O eggs will go without more accidents!


Anonymous said...

What is your recipe?

Michelle said...

Oh my! That's one for the record books! We've had our fair share of accidents here too, but I don't think any of them consist of being on carpet! You've got me beat there! Looks like he had fun though!