Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Eggs!

 Since we will be in Smith Center next weekend for Easter, we celebrated with my family this past weekend.  The kids all went to grandma's Saturday morning to dye Easter Eggs.  It all went pretty smoothly, and no 'major' messes were made.  (Except maybe when Katy started cracking the eggs to eat them!)
Brooks had fun just stirring the dye, but once he realized the eggs come out colored, it was even more fun!

Katy had several going all at once...she just always has her own way of doing things! :)
 It's GREEN!
 Soon the spoons were forgotten and using hands was easier!

 Brooks wasn't too impressed with the fact that he turned his hands green too!  Luckily it washed out pretty well!
 Lots of eggs!

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