Monday, June 4, 2012

One Month Already!

Life has been pretty mundane for the most part the past couple of weeks.  We have still been trying to figure out Keely and what she needs at what time of the day.  She is so different from Brooks already in the fact that sometimes she will cry for almost 30 min and is just inconsolable.  With Brooks I could just hold and rock him and he would quit crying after just a few minutes.  Not so with Keely! Sometimes she'll calm down just by setting her down somewhere, she doesn't always like being held! And we have also had to put her in the car seat a couple of times and drive her around for awhile to calm her down.  At least something worked! Brooks absolutely hated his car seat and screamed whenever we took him somewhere in it, but Keely seems to love it and calms down with it. So anyway, we are still just trying to figure her out, and I'm sure once we finally think we have it figured out, she'll change!  Either way, we love seeing how different our kids are and also how much they are the same! Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks.


 We took Brooks to his first baseball game this past weekend.  We have season passes to the York Cornerstone League games (thanks to York Ace Hardware being a sponsor!), so we walked over to the ballpark in town to watch for awhile.  Brooks loved it!  He especially liked that Daddy took him to the concession stand and he got to eat some M&Ms as we watched!
Brooks and me after church one Sunday
Keely's first tub bath.  She actually did really good and didn't cry much at all.
 Brooks decided he wanted to be a baby and sit in Keely's bouncy seat with the vibrator on.  (Luckily it is actually an infant-to-toddler rocker and is designed to be able to hold a little more weight than normal bouncy seats and we have a light-weight little boy!)
 Closing our eyes to take a nap....
 Daddy trying to keep Keely happy...she didn't want to be held to be put asleep but still wanted her pacifier and someone to be close.

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The Burgess family said...

that is funny how they are so different as newborns! interesting. One of the many joys of having more than 1 child-- seeing their similarities, and differences. another is watching them relate to each other, I hope that is going well :) LOVE the pics of Brooks in the bouncy seat, how cute!