Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kid Update

Not much has really been going on at our house the past 3 weeks except getting used to having a newborn around! Keely is growing fast and at her 2 week appointment (it was actually only 10 days since birth because that's the only appt we could get!)  she was already up to 8 lbs 9 oz.  Everything else was great at the checkup and it appears we have a very healthy little girl. Brooks also had his 2 year appointment at the same time as Keely's 2 week.  Brooks has fallen into the 10th percentile in height and weight (he's 24 lbs and I can't remember the height).  He had been in the 25th percentile in weight, so the doctor just wants to monitor his weight and make sure he is still gaining weight and not losing.  We are supposed to get him as many extra calories throughout the day as we can (this can be difficult with the very limited things he likes to eat!)  It's hard when all Brooks wants to eat for lunch is a bowl of peas! We've been trying to get him to try new foods like pizza and macaroni and cheese, but haven't had any success.  He just screams when we try and make him put it in his mouth! So this will be a hurdle we will have to continue to work at, but in the meantime, chocolate milk whenever he wants has made for a happy boy! 

Here are just some pictures from the past week or so. 

Keely is such a different sleeper than I ever remember Brooks being.  She will fall asleep after nursing and we try so hard to get her to wake up, but a lot of the time she just wants to sleep wherever we lay her down! I never remember Brooks just falling asleep on the couch like this!

 Brooks still loves to give Keely kisses!

 Enjoying the great outdoors.  Brooks and Cheyenne are still the best of friends!
Brooks wanted to show Keely how he plays Angry Birds on the iPod.  Someday I'm sure she'll really enjoy it when he tries to share that with her!

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