Monday, July 16, 2012

Henderson Community Days

This past weekend was Henderson Community Days.  We actually participated in several of the events even though it was pretty hot all weekend! On Friday night we went to the downtown barbeque.  Keely was quite upset the entire time because she was just too hot.  Finally I got her to sleep in the stroller and then everyone was much happier! We then went over to a friend's house to hang out until the fireworks show at dusk.  We ended up going to another person's house to watch the fireworks, and we were pretty close to where they were shooting them off.  Brooks was scared at first, and Keely started screaming too, but Brooks ended up really liking the ones that shot up high in the sky.  He was yelling and clapping in the middle of it! He didn't like the finale because they had ones that were closer to the ground, for some reason that scared him more.  Keely calmed down shortly after the fireworks started too, so then I was able to come back outside and watch them too! I don't have any pictures since I was holding Keely the whole time, but it was a pretty good show! The next morning we went back into town for the parade.  Brooks had a pretty good time picking up candy, but got upset a couple of times when bigger kids beat him to the candy and he came up empty handed.  All in all though he took it pretty well! We were all pretty hot after the parade, so we just decided to come home instead of doing any more of the activities in town. Here are some pictures of the weekend!
Waiting for the parade to begin
 It's hot!

 After Brooks took a nap on Saturday Blake got out Brooks' pool and splash table.  It was a great way to cool off!  But the water was so cold that when Brooks came inside, his lips stayed purple for a good 30 minutes!

 Cheyenne got to run in a sprinkler to cool off
 Keely and I before church on Sunday
 An attempt at getting a picture of me and the kids...we'll have to try again!

 Keely is doing well at sitting in a bumpo we borrowed from a friend.  She is so much happier when she can sit up!

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