Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weather Camp

This morning Brooks, Keely and I went over to my sister's house to join Lane and Katy at 'weather camp'.  We read a book about weather and talked about weather we've had (storms, snow, and mostly that it's just been hot lately!).  Then we all helped make a tornado in a jar out of water, dish soap, and a little glitter.  The kids had fun putting the glitter in, but the first one maybe had too much because we couldn't really see the tornado.

 Think someone is excited?? :)
 Where's the tornado?

 The second time we tried it worked much better!  Katy's expression is pretty silly, and Keely's foot made the picture too, but this is the best one I had of the tornado.
Then we had a snack. 
 Can you guess what each food was supposed to represent?  Lane and Brooks look pretty confused, but I think Katy just wanted to eat!  The marshmallows were clouds, the blueberries were rain, and the wafer cookies were dirt and sand that the rain was falling on.
 All the kids liked it
 Then Lane, Katy, and Brooks watched a video on weather while I took Keely to get her 2 month shots :(  She did surprisingly well and hardly cried! She was pretty fussy this afternoon, but with a little Tylenol, she calmed down and went to sleep for a couple hours.  Here she is being a good sport with Weather Camp.
Then when we got back from the doctor, we tried to fly a kite to show wind.  It didn't work real well because of all things, there was no wind today!! Lane and Katy made wind by running with the kite, but it just wasn't working real well! Maybe another time....

 Then we went in to color some weather pictures and do a matching activity with weather items.  I think Brooks had more fun with this one than dinosaur camp, and hopefully he learned something! :)

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